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One problem firewalls have is dealing with applications that involve more than one connection, like FTP, multimedia, voice, database connectivity, and so on. Some form of protocol and application inspection is necessary to securely allow the additional connections through the firewall. Let s look at an example, shown in Figure 5-1, to illustrate this issue and provide a solution to the problem. In this network, a client is opening a standard mode, sometimes called an active mode, FTP connection. With this type of connection, the client opens a TCP control connection to port 21 on the FTP server. Whenever the user sends an FTP command, like a get or a put, across this connection, the client includes the local port number the server should use. The server then opens a second connection, commonly called a data connection, with a source port number of 20 and a destination port number included in the client command request. So in this example, the client is opening the control connection to the server, and the server is opening the data connection to the client. Assume that the firewall is a Cisco security appliance and that the user is connected to the higher-security-level interface, like the inside. The user s outbound control connection (port 21) is allowed by default, since the connection is going from a higher to
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class Gen<T, V> where V : T {
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Following the written statement of the Law of Cosines, "One side squared plus an adjacent side squared minus twice the product of the two sides and the cosine of the included angle equals the side opposite the angle squared," the equation can be written as 42 +4* - 2 . 4 - 4 ( ~ 0 ~ 4 0 '= b 2 ) 32-32(~0~40") b 2 =
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Internal combustion engine vehicle growth in the United States exploded with World War I. After World War II, world internal combustion engine automotive growth was even more dramatic. What made all this possible was the unprecedented oil availability, and the relative price stability shown in Figure 3-5, which allowed United States gasoline
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There are two fundamental aspects to Quality of Service (QoS) in packet-switched networks:
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FIGURE 19-2 This crosstab does not yet contain a section heading for a master/detail report.
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It s wonderful to edit your digital photos in Photoshop Elements and share them electronically with friends via e-mail and your Web site. However, nothing quite matches the thrill of being able to look at a printed image that is suitable for framing. If you own a photo-quality printer, as discussed in 1, you can print hard copies of your digital pictures. In the sections that follow, you ll learn how to print your images from Photoshop Elements, and choose the right paper.
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FIGURE 8.21. Solutions of Eq. (8.27) for a constant value of (r/d) = 0.5 and varying values of (d/a) = 0.3, 0.5, and 0.6.
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User Impact No impact DNS time-out delays Reconnect with new URL Down until restored
Load-stress factors
In this example, m, e, and temp are declared to be register variables because they are all used within the loop. In general practice, register variables are used where they will do the most good, that is, in places where many references will be made to the same variable. This is important because not all variables can be optimized for access time. It is important to understand that the register specifier is just a request to the compiler, which the compiler is free to ignore. In general, you can count on at least two register variables of type char or int actually being held in a CPU register for any one function. Additional register variables will be optimized to the best ability of the compiler.
At its core, the term generics means parameterized types. Parameterized types are important because they enable you to create classes, structures, interfaces, methods, and delegates in which the type of data upon which they operate is specified as a parameter. Using generics, it is possible to create a single class, for example, that automatically works with different types of data. A class, structure, interface, method, or delegate that operates on a parameterized type is called generic, as in generic class or generic method. It is important to understand that C# has always given you the ability to create generalized code by operating through references of type object. Because object is the base class of all other classes, an object reference can refer to any type of object. Thus, in pre-generics code, generalized code used object references to operate on a variety of different kinds of objects.
within the cell. For example, in prokaryotes, protein synthesis occurs for the most part near the edge of the cytoplasm, just inside the cell membrane. And DNA and its functions are found mostly toward the center of the cell. There are two main divisions of prokaryotes: bacteria and archaea. Prokaryotes were originally thought of as unicellular plants, because of similarities they have with plant cells. However, with the advent of detailed genetic analysis (analysis of the organism s nucleic acid sequence), it now makes sense to classify bacteria and archaea into domains of their own, separate and apart from plants and animals. Prokaryotic organisms are almost exclusively unicellular; however, many can form multicellular colonies that have properties resembling multicellular organisms. Eukaryotes are for the most part multicellular organisms, such as plants and animals. But unicellular eukaryotes exist as well (e.g., the amoeba). Table 8-1 summarizes some of the differences between eukaryotes and prokaryotes.
As the preceding examples have shown, a query involves variables whose types relate to one another. These are the query variable, the range variable, and the data source. Because the correspondence among these types is both important and a bit confusing at first, they merit a closer look. The type of the range variable must agree with the type of the elements stored in the data source. Thus, the type of the range variable is dependent upon the type of the data source. In many cases, C# can infer the type of the range variable. As long as the data source implements IEnumerable<T>, the type inference can be made because T describes the type
8.1.1 The Basic Strategy
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