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class SimpQuery { static void Main() {
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IOS Image Files
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A Better Universe
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ACL Types
Section III: Topics in Obstetrics
Figure 3.115 High-frequency transformer coupling between two stages.
properties of this unprocessed photograph. The Properties tab of the interface tells the day and date of the photo, the camera, whether or not flash was used, aperture, and ISO-equivalent film speed. If you re familiar at all with cameras, the info shown here will give you a clue to what, if anything, needs adjusting in the image. For example, at ISO 50 at an f-stop of 4.0, the image probably doesn t require sharpening the depth of field looks good and the Properties tab confirms this. Also, because a flash wasn t used, when you get to the Color tab, you can rule out Flash as a choice from the White Balance options.
The Date and Time Format Speci ers
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