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Part III:
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24: IPv6
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Table 13-6 lists the VLAN capabilities of the 2960 switches. You can use two methods an old one and a new one to create VLANs on your 2960 switch. The old method requires you to go into the VLAN database in Privilege EXEC mode and create the VLAN, like this:
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Emergency Supplies
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Here are the next two lines in the program:
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Low Self-Mastery The Calculator
Approximate viscosity, cSt 2 3 to 5.5 8.5 to 12 12 to 16 19 to 24 29 to 35 42 to 51 45 61 to 75 69 90 to 110 128 130 to 166 183 194 to 237 291 to 356 417 to 525 630 to 780 910 to 1120 1370 to 1670 4.2 5.7 10 13 17 18 24 25 29 36 43 47 97 227 464
Content Protection, Licensing, and Patents
Novell Directory Services Integration
As mentioned before, we will treat any height differences as negligible, so h1 5 h2. This gives us
Establishing Criteria for Your Inner Circle of Influencers
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