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// Use foreach on a two-dimensional array. using System; class ForeachDemo2 { static void Main() { int sum = 0; int[,] nums = new int[3,5];
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Answers: 2,5
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Use a reflector to bounce light back into the
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THE FREE ELECTRON AND n-TYPE MATERIAL To see how a p-n semiconductor junction operates, assume that an atom with five valence electrons is added to a silicon crystal. Since only four electrons are required for the covalent bond, this results in a free electron. Assume that this electron represents a free electron in the covalent band that can move around the structure. Because the material now has an excess of negatively charged electrons, it is also referred to as an n-type material and represents one-half of a p-n semiconductor. As you might expect, the other half of the p-n semiconductor will have an excess of positively charged material. p-TYPE MATERIAL To illustrate the creation of material with an excess of positively charged electrons, let s assume that other material with a composition of only three valence electrons is added to silicon. Because four valence electrons are required for a covalent bond, one would now be missing. This electron vacancy is referred to as a hole in the form of a positively charged particle. Since the resulting material has an excess of positively charged holes, it is referred to as p-type material. DOPING MATERIAL The p- and n-type material described above is created by doping the material with atoms. Since the 1970s, gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium arsenide phosphide (GaAs 1-xP x), aluminum gallium arsenide (AlxGa1-xAs), aluminum gallium indium phosphide
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Fig. 10-6
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If a member of your contact book s information changes, you can update it by opening the Contact Book dialog box, selecting the contact, and then clicking the Edit icon.
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The .NET Managed Extensions to C++
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1. Post-tensioning with high tensile strands of 270 ksi yield resists applied loads via increased compression. However, corrosion of prestressing strands is a common problem and has been a cause of failure. 2. For example, corrosion in post-tensioning in Florida bridges can be traced to several contributing factors. Florida s humid saltwater environment Insuf cient grouting procedures produced air voids in the tendons that were grouted Shrinkage cracks and leaks can compromise anchor protection by ordinary concrete pour backs Flawed sealing of epoxy joints in precast segmental bridges can compromise the corrosion protection of internal tendons. Furthermore, discontinuous ducts at precast segment joints, along with imperfect epoxy joint seals, allow direct access of water to tendons not fully grouted. High-density polyethylene ducts of some external tendons suffer splits, allowing moisture direct access to grout or strands.
ciscoasa# clear uauth [username]
Fig. 8-9
IPSec connections. Please note that these commands apply to all IPSec connections: L2L and remote access. TIP One common entry to include in a crypto ACL is ICMP traffic associated with the two peers. This way performing a ping from one of the peers will attempt to bring the tunnel up.
ens effects in CorelDRAW provide a method for quickly creating special effects and variations on your work, and for color correcting both vector and bitmap artwork. This chapter takes you through the slew of options available when you apply a Lens effect to a shape; the how-tos are quite simple, but the hard part is deciding what type of effect works best in your illustration. One of the best things about the Lens effect feature is that you can gain multiple returns on your single investment in drawing something in an instant, you can create distorted, grayscale, tinted, darker, brighter versions of your original artwork, as you ll see shortly.
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