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Console.WriteLine("\nStarting at 100"); ob.SetStart(100); for(int i=0; i < 5; i++) Console.WriteLine("Next value is " + ob.GetNext()); } }
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Sales Compensation Fundamentals
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much feathering Photoshop Elements applies to the selection. When you feather a selection, you determine how soft the edge of the selection will be. The default value of 0 produces a hard-edged selection, while higher values gradually blend the selection into the surrounding pixels.
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Note the use of the absolute reference ($) for the row number only. This allows the formula to be copied into other rows below without losing the reference to the revenues row. Note also that the reference is to the final result of revenues (row 8), not to the hard-coded input row (row 6), which may be empty in the forecast years if you are defining revenues by the growth rate. B10. Copy this cell across to column D. IF(E10,E10,E11*E$8). Copy this cell across to column G. The use of the absolute reference ($) for the row number only means you can copy this formula into other rows that use the same pattern. Again, the formula looks to the final results row for revenues. B8 B12. Copy this cell across to column G. IF(B$8,B13/B$8,0). Copy this cell across to column G. The use of the IF statement here prevents the #DIV/0! error messages from showing up when the model is empty. You can write the formulas without the IF test if you do not mind seeing the error messages.
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TIP If you do not see the Report toolbar, select View | Toolbars | Report.
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200 Solar Power
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This program produces the following output.
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Console.WriteLine(str + " after reversing case is " + str.RevCase()); // Use AbsDivideBy(); Console.WriteLine("Result of val.AbsDivideBy(-2): " + val.AbsDivideBy(-2)); } }
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str1 is less than str2 str1 is equal to str2 str1 is greater than str2
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A popular chip that can perform both modulation and demodulation is the RFMD RF2703; with a few component changes, it can be adopted as a modulator (Fig. 2.40) or as a demodulator (Fig. 2.41). The RF2703 is a monolithic IC that can operate with an IF from 100 kHz to 250 MHz, and with a VCC of 3 to 6 V. In the modulator configuration, pins 1 and 3 are the single-ended I and Q inputs (they can be driven differentially, while 2 and 4 are at RF ground). Since pins 1 and 3 are at a high input impedance, 51-ohm resistors are added for 50ohm matching, while the capacitors, at less than 1-ohm Xc, supply DC blocking. Pin 5 is at RF ground through a 0.1- F capacitor. In normal modulator operation, pins 8 and 9 are left floating, while pins 10, 11, and 12 are connected directly to the ground plane. Pin 13 is a high-impedance input, so a 51-ohm resistor can be placed in shunt to match to the 50-ohm LO signal input. A low power LO with medium-voltage outputs (0.1 to 1 VPP) is required, as is a LO that is at twice the desired frequency of the carrier (this is because an internal divide-by-2 frequency divider is used for the 90 degree splitter; or LO 2 IF). Pin 14 supplies DC power to the chip and must be adequately bypassed. Pin 6 should be tied to pin 7, while VCC is connected through a 1200ohm resistor, or an inductor, to bias the internal active mixers. However, since
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result = i != 0 100 / i : 0;
TABLE 22-8 The Custom Date and Time Placeholder Characters (continued)
drag, beginning at the ghost s neck, releasing the mouse button where his ankles would be if he had ankles. As you can see (pun intended) by varying the transparency, Linear style, you ve created quite an astounding special effect. Go call Spielberg and tell him you ll compete against ILM for his next blockbuster.
Minimum Aperture: Maximum Aperture: Minimum Shutter Speed: Maximum Shutter Speed: White Balance: ISO Equivalencies: Removable Memory Included: Power Source: Flash Characteristics:
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(Reproduced, with permission, from Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. New Methods and Technologies. Nov 2008-Vol 7- Issue 11. Fig 2.)
int choice; cout << "(1) add numbers or "; cout << "(2) concatenate strings : "; cin >> choice; if(choice == 1) { int a, b; /* activate two integer vars */ cout << "Enter two numbers: "; cin >> a >> b; cout << "Sum is " << a+b << '\n'; } else { char s1[80], s2[80]; /* activate two strings */ cout << "Enter two strings: "; cin >> s1; cin >> s2; strcat(s1, s2); cout << "Concatenation is " << s1 << '\n'; } a = 10; // *** Error *** -- a not known here! return 0; }
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