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What is sexual assault Sexual assault is the performance of genital, anal, or oral penetration by one person on another without the person s consent Although some authors estimate that less than 50% of sexual assaults are reported, nearly 1 million women are sexually assaulted annually. Furthermore, 20% of adult women, 15% of college-age women, and 12% of adolescents have been sexually assaulted in their lifetime Sexual assault can happen under a variety of conditions and relationships. Describe four special variants of sexual assault Marital rape is forced sexual acts within a marital relationship without the consent of a partner. Acquaintance rape is sexual assault committed by someone known to the victim. Incest involves sexual assault perpetuated by a family member. Date rape is sexual assault occurring in the context of a dating relationship Statutory rape occurs when an adult has intercourse with a minor, whose age makes him or her legally incapable of consenting to sexual intercourse. Many states mandate physician reporting of statutory rape. Legal definitions for a minor, or someone at the age of consent, vary depending on jurisdiction Child sexual abuse is any contact between a child and an adult where the child is being used for sexual stimulation of the adult. This type of behavior must be immediately reported to child protection services
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ciscoasa(config)# policy-map type inspect netbios L7_policy_map_name ciscoasa(config-pmap)# description string ciscoasa(config-pmap)# parameters ciscoasa(config-pmap-p)# protocol violation action {drop [log] | log} ciscoasa(config)# policy-map L3/4_policy_map_name ciscoasa(config-pmap)# class L3/4_class_map_name ciscoasa(config-pmap-p)# inspect netbios [L7_policy_map_name]
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73 6/5 79 6/12 100 6/19 91 6/26 92 7/3 83 7/10 88 7/17 90 7/24 79 7/31 86 8/7 93 8/14 92 8/21 86 8/28 91 9/4 90 9/11 89 9/18 98 9/25 84 10/2 85 92 82 83 90 81 73 10/9 10/16 10/23 10/30 11/6 11/13 11/20
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switch# show vlan VLAN Name Status Ports ---- --------------- --------- -----------------------------1 default active Fa0/1, Fa0/2, Fa0/3, Fa0/4 Fa0/5, Fa0/6, Fa0/7, Fa0/8 Fa0/9, Fa0/10, Fa0/11, Fa0/12 Fa0/13, Fa0/14, Fa0/15, Fa0/16 Fa0/17, Fa0/18, Fa0/19, Fa0/20 Fa0/21, Fa0/22, Fa0/23, Fa0/24 Gi0/1, Gi0/2 1002 fddi-default act/unsup . . .
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Figure 8.5 Because frame relay allows the access bandwidth to be used on demand, it is possible for demand to exceed the available bandwidth. When this occurs, frame relay switches are able to notify the user that congestion has occurred and that data might have been lost.
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Now we resubstitute the x-expressions to obtain cos x dx = log | sin x| + C . sin x Finally we can evaluate the original definite integral:
so that button selections are visible. Do not rely on menu simulation in the computer because the highlights will appear different on different resolution HD monitors.
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11. Create another lozenge shape, and then choose the Interactive Drop Shadow Tool.
Network Backbone Design
Advantages of Optical Transmission
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