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signals as a base-band pulse train are measured by using a high-quality, high-speed oscilloscope set to produce an eye diagram, named so because the oscilloscope trace resembles a human eye, as shown in Figure 7-17. Examining this trace can produce information on the quality of the digital signal before modulation. Ideally, the intersymbol interference should be 0 dB. Digital signals can be examined and measured using a high speed, high frequency oscilloscope. Digital oscilloscopes offer digital memory and trace storage, as well as wideband, high-speed operations. 7.512 For NTSC television VSB modulation, a negative carrier modulation is speci ed. This conserves transmitter power, heating, and so on. In short, it is easier on the transmitter system. This type of signal has the
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Easy VPN Connectivity
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Directed Broadcast Address
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28.6.2 Basic reflectometer measurements
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Program Control Statements
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Drive Faster
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We use the key property that the exponential function is the inverse of the logarithm function. We have exp( ln a + ln b) = exp( ln( a b) ) = a b, ln( 7 [exp( c) ]) = ln 7 + ln( exp( c) ) = ln 7 + c.
Signal Transfer Points (STP)
Source: Communications Network Test and Measurement Handbook
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for Ethernet transport. Likewise, the North American and European DSL standards bodies have incorporated the IEEE 802.3ah mechanisms into their standards via references to the ITU specifications. The dynamic and flexible IEEE 802.3ah methods for bonding multiple pairs has been standardized by both groups as the method for delivering packet transport over more than one copper loop. In the ITU, Ethernet bonding is part of the (G.998.2) specification suite. In the ANSI T1 organization, it is known as the Ethernet bonding specification (ATIS T1.PP.427.02-2004). In all of these cases, the referencing standards use the IEEE 802.3ah bonding techniques and generalize them for any type of DSL. Not only have these groups standardized on the IEEE 802.3ah methods, but also they have worked to improve those methods. For example, the IEEE 802.3ah framing mechanism has been extended by the ITU to allow transmission of small (less than 64-byte) frames. This simple adaptation of the IEEE method now allows for the use of the same technology for native IP transport (where frames may be very small). Similarly, the ITU has added a preemption mechanism to the base 64/65-octet encapsulation method of EFM. With the preemption mechanism, a low-priority frame can be preempted by a high-priority frame, thus lowering the latency of high-priority traffic. This mechanism is intended to minimize the delay for latency sensitive applications such as VoIP. With the ITU s VDSL2 standard being ratified in May 2005, it is likely that true 10PASS-TS implementations will never be deployed. Instead, VDSL2 leverages the technological advances of IEEE 802.3ah and provides additional physical layer flexibility. This next-generation 10PASS-TS, based on VDSL2 instead of VDSL, is already a key part of video deployments for a large number of carriers and would not have been possible without the work of IEEE 802.3ah; even though the 10PASS-TS standard is not technically being used. The fast and widespread technical and market adoption of IEEE 802.3 ah, as well as the dedication to improving the technology, has cemented the IEEE 802.3ah techniques as the best way to deliver Ethernet services over the copper loop infrastructure.
Casio QV-R4
Gigabit Ethernet
We leave the initial condition undetermined, because we need the total solution to nd it. The solution for the zero-state response is found from the particular solution of the differential equation. In our case this is relatively easy, since the voltage source is dc. So we try i p (t) = A where A is a constant. The derivative is clearly zero, so we nd A by plugging into di + 4i = 8 dt And solving 4A = 8 Hence i p (t) = 2 The total solution is i(t) = i p (t) + i H (t) = 3 + K e 4t With i(0) = 1 A, we have 1 = 2 + K , K = 1 So the total solution with initial condition is i(t) = i p (t) + i H (t) = 3 e 4t
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