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m. Choose a port for XML communication. The default port is port 80. TIP: We strongly recommend changing this to another port (we chose 8090 for our installation). When you implement a remote access solution using the Access Gateway and Web Interface, using port 80 for XML communication will add complexity to secure access configurations. n. Select the desired user options to be added to the Remote Desktop Users group in Windows 2003 and click Next. For our needs, the Add the Authenticated Users Now option made the most sense. NOTE: If the Conference Manager or guest users are not going to be used, it is best to leave the Anonymous users out of the Remote Desktop Users group. o. Review the installation selections to verify they are correct and then click Finish. 16. After installation is complete, click Close and proceed to the XenApp Console installation. 17. Click Next, Next, and then Finish to complete the Citrix XenApp Console install. 18. Click Next to begin the installation of the Document Center. 19. Click Next to accept the default installation location. 20. Click Finish to complete the installation of the Document Center. 21. Examine the installation summary to make sure everything installed correctly and then click Finish. Take note in the summary screen about the other installations from the components CD that are a complement to the Platinum product. These add-ons include SmartAuditor, the latest ICA client version (10.1 at the time of this writing), Streaming Client 1.1, Streaming Profiler, and EdgeSight for XenApp. 22. Click Yes to reboot the server. Installation is now complete. Now the configuration of XenApp and the installation of additional components and applications can be done.
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In this version of the program, the interface constraint specified by PhoneList requires that a type argument implement the IPhoneList interface. Because both Friend and Supplier implement IPhoneList, they are valid types to be bound to T. However, EmailFriend does not implement IPhoneList and cannot be bound to T. To prove this, remove the comment symbols from the last two lines in Main( ). As you will see, the program will not compile.
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Each object that wants to receive an event must add its own handler to the chain.
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When you configure Content Redirection from client to server, users running the Program Neighborhood Agent open all files of the associated type encountered in locally running applications with applications published on the Citrix Presentation Server. You must use the Web Interface to enable users to connect to published applications with the Program Neighborhood Agent. NOTE Content Redirection from client to server is available only with Citrix Presentation Server Advanced and Enterprise editions. The Program Neighborhood Agent gets updated properties for published applications from the server running the Web Interface. When you publish an application and associate it with file types, the application s file type association is changed to reference the published application in the client device s Windows registry. If you have users who run applications such as e-mail programs locally, you can use Presentation Server s content redirection capability in conjunction with the Program
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Appendix A: Conducting a Professional Audit
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Part I:
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POD PON POP POTS PSTN QAM QOS QPSK RBOC RFID SCTE SDH SDLC SMPTE SONET SPE TDMA VPI WAN point of deployment passive optical network point of presence plain old telephone service public switch telephone network quadrative amplitude modulation quality of service quaternary phase shift keying regional Bell operating company radio frequency identi cation device
There are many battery charger manufacturers; this short list is only to get you started.
Ill 20-7
diameter, in inches, of the inside of the coil (the same diameter as the form used to wind the coil) length, in inches, of the coil (if this length is not met after winding the turns, then spread the individual coils outward until this value is reached)
On April 12, 2003 a re ignited underneath an important bridge in the City of Manchester, New Hampshire. Although the re was intentionally set and caused major interruptions to traf c, telephone lines and some city re department communications, there is no evidence that this was an act of terrorism. Although there are emergency plans in place and precautions to prevent additional threats, disasters (natural and man-made) are still going to occur.
Figure 12.19 Control frames format
5:18:37 p.m. 5:18:23 p.m. 12:17:20 a.m. 12:17:20 a.m. 5:18:37 p.m. 12:17:20 a.m. 12:17:20 a.m. 12:17:20 a.m. 11:52:38 p.m. 6:07:28 p.m. 12:17:22 a.m. 10:53:48 a.m. 12:17:22 a.m. 12:11:28 a.m. 12:17:22 a.m. 12:17:22 a.m. 12:11:30 a.m. 12:02:22 p.m. 11:48:40 a.m. 12:16:10 a.m. 12:27:20 a.m. 10:40:04 p.m. 8:42:50 p.m. 12:17:22 a.m. 12:17:22 a.m.
Lens Effects and Transparency
Figure 2-10. Performance/Payment Periods
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