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In this case, the attempt to call a non-static (that is, instance method) from a static method causes a compile-time error. It is important to understand that a static method can call instance methods and access instance variables of its class if it does so through an object of that class. It is just that it cannot use an instance variable or method without an object qualification. For example, this fragment is perfectly valid:
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This is the workhorse of the cellular system. The MSC relies on two different databases within the system to keep track of the mobile stations in its area. The first of the two databases is called the Home Location Register (HLR). The HLR is a database of all system devices registered on the system and owned by the operator of the MSC. These are the local devices connected to the network. The HLR keeps track of the individual device s location and stores all the necessary information about the subscriber. This includes the name, telephone number, features and functions, fiscal responsibilities, and the like.
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Let s look at this class, line by line. The name of this attribute is RemarkAttribute. Its declaration is preceded by the AttributeUsage attribute, which specifies that RemarkAttribute can be applied to all types of items. Using AttributeUsage, it is possible to narrow the list of items to which an attribute can be attached, and we will examine its capabilities later in this chapter. Next, RemarkAttribute is declared and it inherits Attribute. Inside RemarkAttribute there is one private field, pri_remark, which supports one public, read-only property: Remark. This property holds the description that will be associated with the attribute. (Remark could also have been declared as an auto-implemented property with a private set accessor, but a read-only property is used for the purposes of illustration.) There is one public constructor that takes a string argument and assigns it to Remark. At this point, no other steps are needed, and RemarkAttribute is ready for use.
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As you might guess, it is very tedious to count the characters in each message manually to determine the correct array dimensions. It is possible to let the compiler dimension the arrays automatically by using unsized arrays. If the size of the array is not specified in an array initialization statement, the compiler automatically creates an array big enough to hold all the initializers present. Using this approach, the message table becomes
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editor to create these. URLs that you can define on the home portal include HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and CIFS. Use the import command to pull in an existing URL list from an external server:
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Ethernet A -MSPP 8 -MSPP8 OC-12 Access ring Ethernet B -MSPP 9 Ethernet C
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The prototype for getftime( ) is in <io.h>. This function is not defined by the ANSI/ISO C/C++ standard. The function getftime( ) returns time and date of creation for the file associated with handle. The information is loaded into the structure pointed to by ftptr. The bit-field structure ftime is defined like this:
4: IT Life-Cycle Management
Look closely at how xyout( ) is called inside main( ). This program produces output similar to that shown in Figure 21-1. As this program illustrates, although it is sometimes useful to specify the exact location where text will be displayed, often, you simply can continue on from the point at which the last output occurred. By using default arguments, you can use the same function to accomplish both goals there is no need for two separate functions.
The C# Language
The B zier Tool and the Pen Tool are variations on the same theme of drawing connected curves and B zier Tool straight segments (unlike the 3-Point Curve Tool), through the action of first clicking to set a path Pen Tool point, and then by either dragging to define a curve behind the click point or by clicking (not dragging) to define a straight path segment behind the click point. You ll find these tools grouped together with other line-drawing tools, as shown here. One of the less obvious differences between the two tools is that the Pen Tool offers a look ahead point when you draw with it; before you click or click-drag a point, the proposed path between the point before you click and the previous (already defined) point on the path is shown in light blue. When you re just beginning with CorelDRAW, the choice between these tools should be based on the following:
IT and IS Governance Reviews
The Relational Data Model
6 6 2 4 Type/ destination_address source_address C-VLAN tag length 6 6 4
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