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In the program, first examine MyClass. It encapsulates a small char array that contains the characters A through D. An index into this array is stored in idx, which is initialized to 1. MyClass then implements both IEnumerator and IEnumerable. GetEnumerator( ) returns a reference to the enumerator, which in this case is the current object. The Current property returns the next character in the array, which is the object at idx. The MoveNext( ) method advances idx to the next location. It returns false if the end of the collection has been reached and true otherwise. Reset( ) sets idx to 1. Recall that an enumerator is undefined until after the first call to MoveNext( ). Thus, in a foreach loop, MoveNext( ) is automatically called before Current. This is why idx must initially be 1; it is advanced to zero when the foreach loop begins. A generic implementation would work in a similar fashion. Inside Main( ), an object of type MyClass called mc is created and the contents of the object are twice displayed by use of a foreach loop.
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@@Prompt('Message','type','object or list of values',MONO/MULTI,FREE/CONSTRAINED)
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admission control. Although these requirements are not directly applicable to DWDM, it is important to note that this technology can transparently host legacy TDM equipment (services) alongside Carrier Ethernet. Also, existing TDM management solutions can also be used, greatly facilitating interim service migrations for carriers with existing SONET/SDH architectures.
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Table 9-4 Originating BHCA per city
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OPTION key (Macintosh), and drag. Release the ALT key
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return Width * Height;
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I x In xdx = -hx 2
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Resource Manager Error Message: [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA02074: Cannot ROLLBACK in a Distributed Transaction
To change the default settings used for each type of exported image, click the Options button to access the Options dialog Image page, shown in Figure 29-10. This dialog is where you choose an export format for GIFs, JPEGs, and PNGs. You can also choose Anti-Alias and Image Map options. Choosing the Anti-Alias option will ensure that your images don t have a rough, jagged edge. Choosing Client for the Image Map is the best because client image maps provide faster interaction with your user than do server image maps.
Label Mapping Message ID 8 FEC Label Value 2 Request Message ID 3
Q: A:
Obstetric < true < diagonal The diagonal conjugate (or transverse diameter) From the inferior margin of the pubic bone to the sacral promontory (average diameter 12.5 cm) To indirectly assess the obstetric conjugate (which is 2 cm shorter and cannot be measured by clinical examination) Measured from the middle of the pubic bone to the sacral promontory, it is the shortest AP diameter of the bony pelvis (average diameter 10.5 cm) Also known as the anteroposterior diameter or conjugate vera, it is the diameter at the inlet of the true bony pelvis (average diameter 11 cm). It is measured from the superior margin of the symphysis pubis to the sacral promontory
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