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// Create an object using reflection. using System; using System.Reflection; class MyClass { int x; int y; public MyClass(int i) { Console.WriteLine("Constructing MyClass(int, int). "); x = y = i; } public MyClass(int i, int j) { Console.WriteLine("Constructing MyClass(int, int). "); x = i; y = j; Show(); } public int Sum() { return x+y; } public bool IsBetween(int i) { if((x < i) && (i < y)) return true; else return false; } public void Set(int a, int b) { Console.Write("Inside Set(int, int). ");
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#include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> int main(void) { double val = -1.0; do { printf("arc tangent of %f is %f\n", val, atan(val)); val += 0.1; } while(val <= 1.0); return 0; }
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Applying formula II one last time yields 1 16 =
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The total global telecommunications market is about $750 billion, and that s going to double in 10 years, chiefly due to expanded use of data communications. We ll use whatever service we have available to meet that demand: Fiber, ATM, Synchronous Optical Network (SONET), xDSL, Gigabit Ethernet, cable modems, satellites, and probably a few that haven t even been thought of yet. All telecommunications systems will compete on availability, price, and speed. That means there are going to be two big winners: whoever gets its broadband service to consumers first, and whoever can offer the most bandwidth with at least reasonable latency. A sample of the techniques and the services being offered in the 2000 timeframe are shown in Table 24-3 . Table 24-3: Sampling of services planned Service Offering Companies (parties) Involved Service Offerings Satellite Orbit Satellite Band Dish Size Bandwidth Available (approx.) Number Satellites Astrolink Lockheed Data, video, rural telephony 22,300 Ka 33 47 inches Up to 9.6 Mbps Late 2000 9 GEOs Teledesic Bill Gates, Craig McCaw, Boeing Voice, data, videoconferencing 435 Ka 10 inches Celestri Motorola Voice, data, videoconferencing 875 and 22,300 Ka and also 40 50 GHz 24 inches
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int* p, q;
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Heart disease complicates approximately 1% of all pregnancies. Pregnant patients with functional Class III and IV heart disease (see the table below for the New York Heart Association classification of heart disease) have high event rates and succumb to heart failure, arrhythmias, and stroke. Which heart diseases are associated with the highest maternal morbidity during pregnancy Patients with septal defects, PDA, and mild mitral and aortic valvular disorders are often in classes I and II and have minimal complications during pregnancy. Primary pulmonary hypertension, uncorrected tetrology of Fallot, Marfan syndrome, and Eisenmenger syndrome are associated with a worse prognosis, and patients are advised against becoming pregnant
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Getting to the cloud is one thing when you are starting from scratch, but it is another thing completely when you need to migrate existing data. In this chapter we will talk about methods to make the move. We will talk about some services for individuals, mid-size organizations, and enterprises. We will look at some tools to migrate to the cloud and some methodology for making a move.
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A Brief Excursion into Gradient Fills
In many real-life problems growth is limited. Exponential models are used to describe limited growth. The simplest model for limited growth involving exponentials is one in the form N = No (1 - e e k t ). This statement is the result of a rate equation, as were the growth and decay equations, but the complexity of these rate equations places them above the level of this book. Therefore, we will discuss limited growth exponentials starting with equations with the form N = N,(l-Ckt).
Dr. Watson
Payload Source
Design Principles: Where to Put the Intelligence
For more information on report variables, see 22. To return to WYSIWYG mode, select View Results from the Report toolbar.
C-band interleave filter (optional) Band preamp Trunk
Fiber and WDM
You may need to include specific files and folders that are not installed by an application installer but are required for the application to run. To include files and folders in a target, follow these steps: 1. From the Select Install Method window of the wizard, choose Select Files and Folders. 2. Select the files and folders you want to include. a. To select files and folders for inclusion in the target, use the Look In pulldown menu to choose a folder. b. In the Selected Files list, select the files you want to include in the target and click the arrow between the Select Files list and the Current Files list. c. To create new folders, rename files and folders, or delete files and folders in the Current Files list, use the buttons at the bottom of the list. d. After you include all the files and folders the application requires, you can simulate a system restart by checking Perform Virtual Restart.
2.4 2.8
// Use Wait() and Pulse() to create a ticking clock. using System; using System.Threading; class TickTock { object lockOn = new object(); public void Tick(bool running) { lock(lockOn) { if(!running) { // stop the clock Monitor.Pulse(lockOn); // notify any waiting threads return; } Console.Write("Tick "); Monitor.Pulse(lockOn); // let Tock() run Monitor.Wait(lockOn); // wait for Tock() to complete } } public void Tock(bool running) { lock(lockOn) { if(!running) { // stop the clock Monitor.Pulse(lockOn); // notify any waiting threads return; } Console.WriteLine("Tock"); Monitor.Pulse(lockOn); // let Tick() run Monitor.Wait(lockOn); // wait for Tick() to complete } }
the response to the INVITE should contain a 488 (Not Acceptable) or a 606 (Not Acceptable) status code. In addition, the response should contain a Warning: header field, with the warning code of 304 (media type not available) or 305 (incompatible media type). In that case, the caller could choose to issue a new INVITE request.
The prototype for insline( ) is in <conio.h>. The insline( ) function inserts a blank line at the current cursor position. All lines below the cursor move down. This function operates relative to the current text window.
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