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In this chapter you ve learned and practiced the basic grammar, punctuation, word usage, and capitalization rules you need to know in business writing. You ve become familiar with common pitfalls and discovered tricks to remember the rules. In our nal chapter, we re going to pull together everything we ve discussed thus far. You ll use the systems and strategies you ve learned to write and revise a business communication.
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Data and Observations
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I revised the verb to maintain the past tense, Brad explained.
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Quiz and Exam Solutions
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Backup copies of PLAYLIST, CLIPINF, BDJO, JAR, and the files index.bdmv & MovieObject.bdmv
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FIGURE 2.12 Database Properties Window in Visio Professional for the Places Relationship
This example makes another important point: Once an exception has been handled, it is removed from the system. Therefore, in the program, each pass through the loop enters the try block anew any prior exceptions have been handled. This enables your program to handle repeated errors.
Part I:
20: OSPF Routing
Property Type DeclaringType MemberTypes MemberType Description Obtains the type of the class or interface in which the member is declared. Obtains the kind of the member. This value indicates if the member is a field, method, property, event, or constructor, among others. Obtains a value associated with a specific metadata. Obtains a Module object that represents the module (an executable file) in which the reflected type resides. The name of the member. The type of the object being reflected.
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