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Communication: Be explicit about your true intentions. Before you ask someone a question, ask yourself what is behind your question. Is it really a statement formulated as a question If so, make the statement instead. Is it really a way to get to know the person better in order to form a relationship If so, tell the person something about yourself instead. Questions are fine, but it is also important that you have more variety in your interactions and that your intentions match what you say. Con ict: Focus on what you need to learn from the situation. When you are upset or in conflict with someone else, focus on yourself rather than on the other person. This way, the issue is not what the other person
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Starting Batteries
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the X value is not exactly 2.000, type 2.000 in the X field, and then press ENTER. See Figure 6-3.
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Figure 12-7: FUNI reference model With this protocol analysis in mind, there are some subtleties between the Frame Relay protocol and the mapping across the ATM platform through the IWF on a network. In this case, the graphic shown in Figure 12-8 represents the interworking functions as they align to the reference model shown. Once again, the upper portion of the graphic is the block diagram of the network and the lower portion of the graphic shows the protocol stack.
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FBI funded development of Scanners & Minutiae Extraction technology at Rockwell s Autonetics division in Los Angeles. This led to a prototype reader, known as the Finder, that was part of a pilot search system. Then the Bureau awarded a contract for five production card readers that were built in 1975 and 1976. These card scanners were used to convert the FBI s paper-based card file from 1977 through 1980. The card scanning devices captured grayscale images at 500 pixels per inch (ppi) and extracted the minutiae on the fly for eight of the ten fingers the little fingers were not imaged to save processing time and record size. The rolled finger blocks on fingerprint cards are 1.6 inches wide and 1.5 inches high. Thus, the eight images represented an area of 6. 4 inches by 3 inches on an 8-inch square fingerprint card. At 500 ppi in the X and Y direction, the eight images were just less than 5MB in size. Given the price of disk technology, more than $500 per megabyte, the cost to store 14 million such records was unthinkable. Therefore, only the extracted minutiae from the eight fingers were stored.
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equipment. In some cases, Henry might not expect his victim to have any unusual abilities, in which case he simply takes advantage of the fact that the system attributes his actions to Cathy. For example, Henry might use Cathy s identity while modifying some important files. If these activities were detected, they would be attributed to Cathy, casting suspicion on her instead of Henry.
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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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Pitch curve
One word of caution: You need to be careful about what operations you perform on the main thread. For example, if you add this call to Join( ) to the end of Main( ),
Directory Functions
packets with the ip address Interface Subconfiguration mode command. The bandwidth command changes the metric of the interface, which is used by some routing protocols.
Table 2.1 Image Data Stream Examples
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