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Pre-Signaling System 7
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3. Double-click the GinaDLL entry located in the right-hand pane. In the String Editor window that pops up, replace the value Ctxgina.dll with the value Msgina.dll. 4. Install and configure the Novell Client for Windows NT/2000, Version 4.81 or later. 5. Do not restart when prompted by the Novell Client setup program. 6. Edit the registry entry for GinaDLL, as in step 2. In the String Editor window that appears, replace the value nwgina.dll with the value Ctxgina.dll. 7. With the key path for Winlogon still selected, choose Add Value on the Edit menu. 8. Type CTXGINADLL in the Add Value dialog box. The data type is REG_SZ. 9. Enter Nwgina.dll in the String Editor window to assign this value to the new CTXGINADLL entry. 10. Restart the server. On Presentation Servers, Ctxgina.dll is loaded by Winlogon.exe to process the autologon information transmitted by ICA clients. Ctxgina.dll can process autologon credentials in excess of 20 characters. For example, if Ctxgina.dll is not loaded, autologon user names greater than 20 characters are truncated to 20 characters by Termsrv.exe. When Ctxgina.dll acquires the user s autologon credentials, they are passed in their entirety to the installed Gina.dll file to complete the authentication process. In most cases, the installed GINA is Msgina.dll. When the Novell Client is installed, the GINA is Nwgina.dll. The previous steps are required to ensure that CTXGINA is installed on the Presentation Server. CTXGINA is required for logging on automatically with user names that exceed 20 characters. If the Novell Client being installed is 4.9 or later, the previous steps are unnecessary because the 4.9 client detects GINA chaining and respects such chaining with Citrix. NOTE If the Novell Client is upgraded after the installation of Presentation Server, the GINA values are overwritten and it is necessary to reconfigure the registry with the previous steps. 1. To optimize logon and browsing response times, change the order of the network providers using the following steps: a. Right-click the My Network Places icon on the server s desktop. b. Choose Properties from the shortcut menu that appears. The Network and Dial-up Connections window appears.
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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N a m e s p a c e s , t h e P r e p r o c e s s o r, a n d A s s e m b l i e s
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A considerable number of companies manufacture electric motors. The short list here is only to get you started
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Using Align Command Options
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these applications have enough bandwidth and are prioritized throughout the network to limit the amount of delay they incur. pdf417 free
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Robot Material and Construction Techniques
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Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise
type name MyClass was known in advance and used in a typeof statement to obtain a Type object upon which all of the reflection methods either directly or indirectly operated. Although this might be useful in a number of circumstances, the full power of reflection is found when the types available to a program are determined dynamically by analyzing the contents of other assemblies. As you know from 16, an assembly carries with it type information about the classes, structures, and so on, that it contains. The Reflection API allows you to load an assembly, discover information about it, and create instances of any of its publicly available types. Using this mechanism, a program can search its environment, utilizing functionality that might be available without having to explicitly define that functionality at compile time. This is an extremely potent, and exciting, concept. For example, you can imagine a program that acts as a type browser, displaying the types available on a system. Another application could be a design tool that lets you visually wire together a program that is composed of the various types supported by the system. Since all information about a type is discoverable, there is no inherent limitation to the ways reflection can be applied. To obtain information about an assembly, you will first create an Assembly object. The Assembly class does not define a public constructor. Instead, an Assembly object is obtained by calling one of its methods. The one we will use is LoadFrom( ), which loads an assembly given its filename. The form we will use is shown here: static Assembly LoadFrom(string assemblyFile) Here, assemblyFile specifies the filename of the assembly. Once you have obtained an Assembly object, you can discover the types that it defines by calling GetTypes( ) on it. Here is its general form: Type[ ] GetTypes( ) It returns an array of the types contained in the assembly. To demonstrate the discovery of types in an assembly, you will need two files. The first will contain a set of classes that will be discovered by the second. To begin, create a file called MyClasses.cs that contains the following:
To verify that your policies are being enforced, use the show service-policy command:
AutoSecure basically secures the router at two levels:
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side effect of the pair of photon emissions is the fact that they are in phase with one another, which results in the generation of coherent light. This is illustrated in Figure 4.9b. The coherent light generated by a laser represents a very narrow beam. That beam is normally sharply monochromatic, which means that it occupies a single color or frequency; however it can also be gener, ated with more than one monochromatic frequency. When the latter occurs, the use of filters enables a single frequency to be separated from multiple monochromatic emissions. THE LASER DIODE The semiconductor laser commonly referred to , as a laser diode, uses a p-n junction that generates light similar to the way an LED emits light when a voltage is applied and current flows. However unlike an LED a laser diode requires the recombination of photons to , , be confined across the junction area and reflected by the use of partially reflecting surfaces that result in the formation of a cavity. Parallel mirrors are formed through the use of groups III and V compound semiconductors that can be cleaved along their planes. Those mirrors confine injected electrons and light generated by photons within a region where they interact to enhance the stimulated emission process. Thus, a key difference between an LED and a laser diode is the population inversion and optical feedback of the semiconductor laser. Through optical feedback a laser allows photons generated by recombination to stimulate additional electron-hole recombinations. By the use of higher levels of doping and an increased level of current, additional excited electrons result in a population inversion.
RF Audio/Video
You can choose to install Program Neighborhood Agent to be used as a pass-through client on the Presentation Server during Presentation Server setup. This gives users the ability to connect to the server desktop and use the functionality of the Program Neighborhood Agent. To install the Program Neighborhood Agent, click the Program Neighborhood Agent component during the component selection of the Presentation Server install, and select Will be installed on local hard drive . If you install the Program Neighborhood Agent, you are prompted later during setup to enter the URL of the server running Web Interface. This server hosts the Program Neighborhood Agent configuration file. By default, Presentation Server attempts to resolve the localhost as a server running the web interface. If you are upgrading from a previous release of Presentation Server, you will not be given an opportunity to set up the Program Neighborhood Agent as a PassThrough Client. If you performed a fresh install and did not choose to install the Program Neighborhood Agent or you performed an upgrade, you can install the Program Neighborhood Agent after the Presentation Server setup process.
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