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CorelDRAW X4 s Drop Shadow effect is not limited to making shadows; if you think about it, a blurry bitmap can also represent a glow effect by using a different merge mode and color. By default, whenever a new shadow is created, black is automatically the applied color. You can reverse this effect by applying light-colored shadows to dark-colored objects arranged on a dark page background or in front of a darker-colored object. Here you can see a black compound path (the cartoon light bulb) on top of a Radial fountain filled Background fountain fill rectangle, Radial style rectangle (black is the end color and 30 percent black is the start color at Glow center) with a light-colored shadow effect applied. The result is a credible glow effect; there are also Glow Presets on the Property Bar when you use the Interactive Drop Shadow Tool to give you a jump-start on creating glows. The following section uses the Drop Shadow effect in a novel way: control objects do not have to be visible while a drop shadow is visible. Therefore, you can float a drop shadow, or a glow, in your design and treat it like a dynamically adjustable bitmap in a composition. For example, to create a soft area glow, create the control shape, apply a glow, and then choose the Interactive Transparency Tool from the Toolbox. Select the control object, choose Uniform transparency mode on the Property Bar, and then set the object opacity to 0 percent.
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When the Smart Drawing Tool is chosen, the Property Bar displays Shape Recognition Level and smoothing options (shown next) for setting the sensitivity CorelDRAW uses in translating your roughs into precise shapes.
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6.4.1 Radius of Curvature In the previous discussion, we saw that the pressure angle and cam size are directly related and the size of the cam should be as small as possible. However, as the cam size is reduced, another design parameter, radius of curvature is affected. The radius of curvature has a limiting value for the following reasons: 1. Undercutting could be introduced to yield an erroneous cam shape. 2. Surface contact stresses may be exceeded. 3. Heat treatment could produce cracks. In other words, the cam surface radius of curvature will have a minimum allowable design value that will satisfy the other design factors. The shape of a curve at any point (its atness or sharpness) depends on the rate of change of direction called curvature. We may construct for each point of the curve a tangent circle whose curvature is the same as that of the curve at that point. The radius of this circle is called radius of curvature. Figure 6.8 shows the center C of the radius of curvature of a point p of the curve. Note that the radius of curvature is continuously changing as we move toward other points on the curve. From calculus we know that if the curve is in the Cartesian coordinate form y = f(x), the radius of curvature r=
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The output is shown here:
Aktan, A. E., C. Chuntavan, K. L. Lee and T. Toksoy, Structural Identi cation of a Steel-Stringer Bridge for Nondestructive Evaluation, Transportation Research Record, Number 1393, 1993, 1 36. Aktan, A. E. and A. J. Helmicki, Instrumentation, Testing, and Monitoring of Reinforced Deck-on-Steel Girder Bridges: Mid-Term Project Report, Report No. UCCII94, FHWA/ODOT Contract No. 7665, College of Engineering, University of Cincinnati, OH, 1995. Aktan, A. E., V. Dalal, D. Farhey, A. Helmicki, V. Hunt and S. Shelley, Condition and Reliability Evaluation for Bridge Management, Journal of Infrastructure Systems, 2(3), 1996, 108 117. Aktan, A. E., R. Miller, B. Shahrooz, M. Zwick, M. Heckenmueller, I. Ho, W. Hrinko and T. Toksoy, Nondestructive and Destructive Testing of a Reinforced Concrete Slab Bridge and Associated Analytical Studies, Report No. FHWA/OH-93/017 and UCCII 92/02. ODOT Contract No.14482, College of Engineering, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, 1992. Alampalli, S. and G. Fu, Instrumentation of Remote and Continuous Monitoring of Structure Conditions, Transportation Research Board preprint No. 94-0261, 1994. Bakht, B. and L. Jaeger, Bridge Testing A Surprise Every Time, Journal of Structural Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, 116(5), 1990, 1370 1383. Baumgartner, W. and H. Waubke, Service Life Estimation of Bridges, Proceedings of the Bridge Management 2nd International Conference, Guildford, UK, 1993. Bay, J. A., K. H. Stokoe II and J. D. Jackson, Development of a Rolling Dynamic De ectometer, Transportation Research Record, Number 1473, 1995, 43 54. Ben-Akiva, M. and R. Ramaswamy Approach for Predicting Latent Infrastructure Facility Deterioration, Transportation Science, Vol. 27(2), May 1993, 174 193. Biswas, M., A. K. Pandex and M. M. Samman, Diagnostic Experimental Spectral/Model Analysis of a Highway Bridge, International Journal of Analytical and Experimental Modal Analysis, 1990, 33 42. BRIDGIT: Bridge Management System Software, Technical Manual, NCHRP Project 1994 12-28 (2) A. Chase, S. B., FHWA NDE Contract Research, an Overview, Presentation at North American Workshop on Instrumentation and Vibration Analysis of Highway Bridges, Cincinnati, OH, 1995. Cawley, P. and R.D. Adams, The Location of Defects in Structures from Measurements of Natural Frequencies, Journal of Strain Analysis, 4(2), 1979, 49 57. Chen, S. and Y. R. Kim, Condition Assessment of Marine Timber Piles Using Stress Wave Method, Building an International Community of Structural Engineers, Proceedings of the Structures Congress XIV, 2, 1996, 853 860. Clough, R. W. and J. Penzien, Dynamics of Structures, McGraw-Hill, 1993. DeWolf J., D. A. Bagdasarian and P. N. O Leary, Bridge Condition Assessment Using Signatures, Nondestructive Evaluation of Civil Structures and Materials, Conference sponsored by the FHWA and the National Science Foundation, Boulder, CO, 1992, 171 179. Eberhard, M. O., G. Hjartarson, J. A. MacLardy and M. L. Marsh, Lateral-Load Response of a Reinforced Concrete Bridge, WA-RD 305.2, Final Report, U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, DC, 1993. Egri, R., G. Henderson, A. Lichtenstein, S. Madanat and K. Maser, Development of a Wireless Global Bridge Evaluation and Monitoring System: Literature Review, Florida Highway Administration (FHWA) Contract No. DTFH61-94-C-00217, 1995.
// Passing an argument to the thread method. using System; using System.Threading; class MyThread { public int Count; public Thread Thrd; // Notice that MyThread is also passed an int value. public MyThread(string name, int num) { Count = 0; // Explicitly invoke ParameterizedThreadStart constructor // for the sake of illustration. Thrd = new Thread(this.Run); Thrd.Name = name; // Here, Start() is passed num as an argument. Thrd.Start(num); } // Notice that this version of Run() has // a parameter of type object. void Run(object num) { Console.WriteLine(Thrd.Name + " starting with count of " + num); do { Thread.Sleep(500); Console.WriteLine("In " + Thrd.Name + ", Count is " + Count); Count++; } while(Count < (int) num); Console.WriteLine(Thrd.Name + " terminating."); } } class PassArgDemo { static void Main() { // Notice that the iteration count is passed // to these two MyThread objects.
I want you to think about the time when the coaching is complete and it has been highly successful. What do you imagine you have been able to accomplish Would you take a little time to dream about what you most want for yourself from the coaching
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