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// Use a map of strings to create a phone directory. #include <iostream> #include <map> #include <string> using namespace std; int main() { map<string, string> directory; directory.insert(pair<string, directory.insert(pair<string, directory.insert(pair<string, directory.insert(pair<string, string s; cout << "Enter name: "; cin >> s; map<string, string>::iterator p; C++ p = directory.find(s); if(p != directory.end()) cout << "Phone number: " << p->second; else cout << "Name not in directory.\n"; return 0; } string>("Tom", "555-4533")); string>("Chris", "555-9678")); string>("John", "555-8195")); string>("Rachel", "555-0809"));
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Data Terminating Equipment (DTE) These devices are either the source or destinations for the data and include PCs, servers, printers, and so on. Data Communication Equipment (DCE) These are the intermediate devices that receive and forward Ethernet frames and include devices such as Ethernet switches and routers as well as the NIC (integrated into the PCs and other devices).
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Crypto Map Entries
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Cisco ASA Configuration
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Case Study: Blackhawk Down
All-out, Full-home Automation
Although BusinessObjects XI provides business insight, it is still a tool purchased primarily by the IT organization as the enabler to information access. IT controls the source systems and the data warehouse. The challenge here is in making sure the IT goals are a starting point and not an end point. For example, let s assume that your current approach to reports is for a custom programmer to develop them against the source system. Crystal Reports may be the tool of choice for creating such custom reports. The business users are reasonably happy because each report is customized with their view of the data; it s easy (no training required), and it s correct because the data came directly from the transaction system/ERP. However, this approach to information access poses several problems: The report developer generally has to know the detailed ERP/OLTP schema and programming language. The cost to develop and maintain one report is high. Because the report developer is several steps removed from the business, it may take multiple iterations to get the report right. By the time it is right, however, the user requirements change. Reporting directly against the OLTP can affect response time both for inputting transactions and for executing a report. Without a data warehouse, a significant amount of business logic is built into each individual report. Some users, though, are not satisfied, because IT can t develop custom reports fast enough. IT has become a bottleneck. Your company decides it needs to complement the Crystal Reports deployment with Web Intelligence as an ad hoc query and reporting tool with the primary goal of reducing the time and cost to develop custom reports and ideally providing end users with more flexibility. You enable the Web Intelligence module, build a few universes, and train the users on the tool. Users will now be able to create their own reports, and the IT department can focus on a smaller set of canned, enterprise-wide reports. Goal accomplished No. First, the skill set to build a BusinessObjects universe is often quite different than the programming skills to develop an ERP-based custom report. The roles of the existing report developers must be redefined, or they will impede implementation (see 3, under the heading Influencers ). Is there still a need for custom reports against the ERP Probably, yes, but ideally for a much smaller number. Second, you just went from a business user s having access to a fixed report (easy to use) to the user s starting at a blank query panel with no data. Part of such a deployment effort must include an evaluation of which reports should remain as fixed reports, which should be eliminated, and which should be re-developed as standard Web Intelligence reports. IT may still develop these initial Web Intelligence reports, since they know the data and current reporting requirements, or power users within the business may become the initial report authors. Don t let this step discourage you providing standard reports is a starting point only. With all the Web-based interactivity in Web Intelligence, end users (not IT developers) can easily fine-tune a report to resort, format, filter, and drill. Creating a set of standard reports ensures that users do not perceive Web Intelligence as a step backward: theoretically empowered, but overwhelmed and with no data and certainly no business insight.
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Build Your Own Elec tric Vehicle
Figure 14.14 Multiple X.25 logical connections, called virtual circuits, are carried by a single physical link. Each virtual circuit is identified with a unique logical channel number (LCN).
Fig. 5.3
While the MEF has made considerable strides in the realm of identifying and refining the Carrier Ethernet attributes, it is, of course, a work in progress. Emerging applications, field experience, and new network constraints/requirements continually push the boundary and need to be addressed if Carrier Ethernet is to dominate the market. Here a brief overview of the requirements that Carrier Ethernet faces or will face shortly, is provided and is based on the experience and insights of one of the foremost Carrier Ethernet Service Providers, Verizon27. That most of these requirements are already being actively addressed (or at least being considered) by the MEF vividly demonstrates the unprecedented participation and influence, of Service Providers in MEF.
What is high turnover osteoporosis and what are the causes
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