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Comparing Strings
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then e would have the type float, instead. The following program demonstrates implicitly typed variables. It reworks the program shown in the preceding section so that all variables are implicitly typed.
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i in base class: 1 i in derived class: 2
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face of the disc. This difference, as well as the different laser wavelengths required for reading the data, is the reason that separate lens and laser xtures must be used for DVD and CD media.
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1. Select the object to be filled, choose the Interactive Fill Tool (G), and then apply a
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Color mixers provide ways to create as many coordinated colors as you need automatically. Any time you find yourself choosing a color in CorelDRAW X4 s Color dialog, you have access to the color mixers. Mixers create colors using color harmonies and color blend tools. Select any object in your document and press SHIFT+F11 to open the Uniform Fill dialog; then click the Mixers tab.
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Noncathodic Corrosion
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Part I:
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pi +1 12
Current 13 amps 18 amps 20 amps 28 amps 38 amps 53 amps 78 amps 105 amps 142 amps 196 amps 266 amps
Size of lst = 10 Original contents: ABCDEFGHIJ Size of revlst = 10 Reversed contents: JIHGFEDCBA
Table 17-3. Printing Policy Rules
The J1 byte supports continuity testing between any receiving terminal along the path and the path source. It is used to repetitively transmit either: Mode 1: A 64-byte, fixed-length string, or Mode 2: A 16-byte message consisting of a 15-byte string and 1-byte header containing a CRC-7 checksum.
Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
versus point in time, and so on). However, IBM, Oracle, and Teradata in recent years have provided a number of SQL extensions that make SQL more robust. SQL Server 2005 reportedly will also have more analytic capabilities. Forward calculations such as rankings and percent market share are now possible with SQL. But clearly, not everyone is on the most current database releases and not all intelligence can be solved with SQL; this is where many BI vendors have excelled. BusinessObjects XI in particular contains a number of formula functions that do not have a SQL equivalent. Variance Percentage (VarP), Percentile, and RunningSum are just a few. Long before database vendors added analytic functions to SQL, BusinessObjects offered a percent of sum calculation, as well as Rank and various running aggregate functions. Recall the particular problems that variance and ratio calculations can cause; the calculation order is very important to get the correct answer. With report formulas, users control the calculation order either by specifically inserting a formula at each break level or with Calculation Context Operators (explained in detail in 22). To use the earlier example of the variance between C_YTD and L_YTD, look how the percent variance is correctly calculated,
Raceway shaft Eight-way taps
Unlike other X10 devices, the TX15 does not use small dials to establish House and Unit Codes. Rather, it uses four DIP switches which, when set in the 16 possible combinations, represent X10 House Codes. The unit utilizes a total of eight DIP switches (switches 1 4 are used to manage such settings as Fahrenheit or Celsius display and other system variables). Switches 5 8 are used to manage the X10 House Codes. Using a binary code (the switch is on or it is off ), the different combinations of switches correlate to various House Codes. For example, the following switches correspond to the House Code A :
With last year s budget cuts integrated throughout the agency, we ve been tracking their effects on our performance in several key areas including repair of streets and xing potholes, snow removal, trash collection,
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