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In system modeling, the term spring refers not only to machine elements such as coil, torsional, or leaf springs, but to any component of the system that de ects in response to load. In other words, every part of the system that is not assumed to be perfectly rigid acts as a spring for the purposes of modeling. Springs selected from a catalog and compliant elements share several properties. Most fundamentally, they are described by some relationship between de ection and the force applied at either end of the spring. This is most commonly modeled as a linear relationship F = Kd (11.40)
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X9A focuses on Retail Banking. X9B focuses on Check Processing. X9D focuses on Securities. X9F focuses on Information and Data Security.
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At this point a quick design discussion is in order. When planning your installation, you can install the required server components on separate physical machines. In all cases, ensure that the machines have sufficient memory and processor capabilities and that the machines are in the same domain. In Figure 12-1 we elected to separate the EdgeSight Server components onto separate hardware. This decision is based on two factors: In many environments, a well-established Microsoft SQL Server deployment is already in place to support other corporate applications. In some cases, we recommend making use of this environment for the EdgeSight Database component. Many well-established corporate Microsoft SQL Server deployments incorporate a number of enhancements such as clustering, managed backups, and monitoring, all of which will also benefit the EdgeSight deployment. By separating the EdgeSight Web Server component from the EdgeSight Database Server, we will see increased performance in the EdgeSight Reporting Server because of the use of dedicated hardware.
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the current, increases the heat by a factor of four! Stalling the motor will cause the motors to overheat and be seriously damaged in a short period of time. Nothing is free in the world of physics.
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TIP In addition to inventorying existing reports, be sure to clean up the repository by deleting
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The great advantage of AC over DC power is the possibility of increasing and decreasing voltage simply. Figure 7.11 shows a simple transformer. It consists of two insulated coils, both wound around the same iron core. AC current owing in the input coil induces an alternating magnetic eld in the core which, in turn, induces an AC current in the output coil. If the number of turns in the input and output coils are identical, output voltage is identical to input voltage. This transformer preserves the identity of the conductors and the phases of the input and output by tying the neutral conductors together. The green grounding wire is similarly uninterrupted and is bonded to the transformer case. Figure 7.12 shows a step-down (voltage reducing) transformer. The number of turns in the output coil is less than the number of turns in the input coil. The voltage induced in the output coil is, therefore, less than the voltage in the input coil. (The ratio of voltages simply equals the ratio of turns.) As with Figure 7.11 the identities of the input and output conductors and phases are preserved by tying the neutral conductors together. The green grounding wire is again bonded to the transformer case. Figure 7.13 shows an isolation transformer. Here neither neutral nor grounding conductors are connected. The neutral (white) and grounding (green) conductors on the output side are connected, however, so that the transformer output acts as an independent electrical source, isolated from shore ground. The green grounding wire from the shore-power side is connected to the shield between the input and output coils. Other common con gurations include connection of the grounding wire to an inside case or to an outside case. In any case, follow the manufacturer s recommendation. The isolation transformer is ideal for shore-power hookups because it interrupts the green grounding wire from the shore-power circuit, which might otherwise provide a path for stray corrosion currents between boats sharing the same shore-power circuit. Isolation transformers will be discussed further in 9.
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#include <iostream> #include <conio.h> using namespace std; class line; class box { int color; // color of box int upx, upy; // upper left corner int lowx, lowy; // lower right corner public: friend int same_color(line l, box b); void set_color(int c); void define_box(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2); void show_box(); } ; class line { int color; // color of line int startx, starty; // coordinates int len; // length public: friend int same_color(line l, box b); void set_color(int c); void define_line(int x, int y, int l); void show_line(); } ; // Return true if line and box have same color. int same_color(line l, box b) { if(l.color==b.color) return 1; return 0; } void box::set_color(int c) { color = c; } void line::set_color(int c)
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An efficient charger is an indispensable part of any electric vehicle. he charger is an attached and inseparable part of every electric vehicle battery system. Discharging and recharging your batteries are opposite sides of the same coin; you cannot have one without the other. As you learned in 8, how you recharge your batteries determines both their immediate efficiency and ultimate longevity. As with motors, controllers, and batteries, technology has also made today s chargers superior to their counterparts a decade ago. Because your motor, controller, batteries, and charger are also inseparable from the electrical system that interconnects them, it too is covered in this chapter, along with the key components needed for its high-voltage, high-current power side and its lowvoltage, low-current instrumentation side. In this chapter you ll learn about how chargers work and the different types, meet the best type of charger to choose for your EV conversion today (used in 10 s conversion), and look at likely future charging developments. You ll also look at your EV s electrical system in detail and learn about its components so when you meet them again during 10 s conversion process, they will be familiar to you.
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= [Year] = "FY1998" OR [Year] = "FY1999"
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Ill 11-9
The following table summarizes the Policy variables: CPM Service Variable X Y Z Lockout Threshold Lockout Duration ResetAttemptsDuration Default 4 60 Minutes 60 Minutes Range 1 999 1 99,999 1 99,999
FIGURE 5.12 1-M Relationship with an Attribute
Table 4.4 BD and Related Format and Patent Licensing
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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