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target user. Each of the display technologies has artifacts that may make your work look terrible. Check your work beforehand so that there are no surprises. It is almost impossible to test all the permutations of a highly-interactive disc; try to break things down into testable subsections. If you are using random functions in your programming, you may want to do your testing folks a huge favor and design in a way to bypass/configure them to allow easier QC of the disc. If you have computer software that can mount a formatted BD image file from your CMF image on a hard drive, mount the volume for more thorough emulation. This will find file system errors that normal emulation will not find. If you put computer applications or large amounts of computer data on the disc, use a checksum program to verify the accuracy of the original data against BDRs, CMF images, check discs, and final discs. A file-compare program such as windiff is also useful for verifying filenames and data integrity. Be careful when testing BD-Rs, as some BD-ROM drives have problems reading BD-Rs and will report errors that will not be present on a check disc or the replicated copies. Although putting Macintosh files on the disc is not as much of an issue as it was before Mac OS X, make sure that the icons display properly and that the application bundle directory is still intact. The application bundle directory name will show when viewing the disc under MS Windows or other operating systems. Most of the BD players can play BD-R/RE media. Use multi-session recording mode to reduce the time it takes to record your test discs. Most often you are only changing the programming which are small files (only a few megabytes) vs the multiple gigabytes for the audio and video multiplex files which do not change as much. This will cut your recording time from 45-90+ minutes to 3060 seconds. Table 12.7 Testing Checklist
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Manual replication requires administrator input to invoke the process, which then runs without further user intervention. Manual replication is started via the following steps: 1. Log onto the Presentation Server Console. 2. Open Printer Management. 3. Click Drivers. 4. In the right pane, in the server pull-down at the top, select the server that has all the drivers installed and have been tested and contain known-good drivers. TIP: Always use one server in the farm to replicate drivers from. This server should have all the drivers that have been tested and are compatible for your farm. This will ensure that all the drivers replicated across the farm are consistent. 5. Select the driver or drivers to be installed on the right side. (Hold down the CTRL key for multiple-selection.) 6. Right-click a selected driver and click Replicate Drivers. 7. Select whether you want to replicate to all same-platform servers or select the servers. You can also choose whether to overwrite any existing drivers if you are performing updates to existing drivers (as shown in Figure 17-2).
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Coaching Enneagram Style Nine
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4. In the Find What field of the Find Text dialog, type in Scrapbook and then click the
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To add a touch of character and imperfection to ultra-precise objects, you have the new Roughen Brush in the group with the Smudge Brush, shown here: The Roughen Brush alters the course of an outline path on an object, and depending on the setting you use on the Property Bar, you can achieve effects that range from lightning bolts, to really gnarly lines, to zigzag patterns, just by dragging on the edge of a shape. The options you have when using the Roughen Brush can be seen here on the Property Bar; they re similar to those of the Smudge Brush:
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soft drink. Record this mass in Data Table 3. 2. Pour about 1000 mL of tap water into the 2000-mL graduated cylinder. Read and record the exact volume. 3. Place the can of soft drink into the graduated cylinder, making sure that it is completely submerged. 4. Read and record the exact volume.
You will need to explicitly specify the type when the compiler cannot infer the type for the T parameter or if you want to override the type inference.
Finding volumes of non-standard geometric shapes can only be accomplished with calculus. This work is a logcal extension of the study of the calculation of areas using calculus. You will find many parallels between area and volume calculations. Finding volwnes is also extremely visual. If you can visualize the problem, you can usually do it. We start with some simple problems and work up to the more challenging ones. The first problem uses the method of disks to calculate the volume generated by rotating a parabola of a fixed height about its symmetry axis. Next the problem is done again using the method of cylindrical shells.
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Table 3.13 History of bridge failures due to lack of maintenance or neglect (management issues) (continued). U.S. Bridges Sergeant Aubrey Cosens VC Memorial Bridge Shannon Hills Drive bridge Sappa Creek bridge Laurel Mall pedestrian bridge connecting parking and shopping areas Lakeview Drive Bridge, Interstate 70 Interstate 35W over Mississippi River Canadian Bridges Duplessis bridge, plate girder composite bridge, 2-span, (St. Maurice River) Wood trestle bridge Between Montreal and Quebec Near McBride, British Columbia 1951 Brittle failure of new steel sub-standard construction material. Lack of testing of materials management error The bridge collapsed under a CN Rail freight train. Inspectors discovered severe rotting in the wood bridge in 1999 problems with railway s inspection and maintenance program Location Latchford, Ontario, Canada Shannon Hills, Arkansas Northwest of Norcatur, Kansas Laurel, MD Year 2003 2004 2004 2005 Details of Failures Corrosion of hangar pins supporting oor beams of long span bridge Pedestrian bridge collapsed from the weight of crane overloading Overloading from heavy grain trucks over the bridge Bridge was attached by metal bolts and brackets which had corroded Corrosive road salt draining onto side of a concrete girder overpass Lack of redundancy structurally de cient bridge not maintained.
n=2 n=3 n=5 Acceleration Amplification
1. Interpreting Data Write balanced chemical equations for each of the reactions per-
When all the content is ready, all the levels designed, and all the art and audio created including foreign versions the game is complete. This point is called beta, and for external developers, it s another important milestone. The game s still not ready to be shipped, however not by a long shot. The internal testers are now working on the beta version and the programmers are still fixing the bugs they find. In fact, the internal testers now have a new set of things to test: they not only have to make sure that each feature works, but that it works on every level, with every team or weapon or airplane that the game contains. All the content must be checked to make sure it works with the game. This process is called beta-testing. Once the game is in beta-test, the publisher can, if they want, do open beta testing. In open beta testing, the publisher allows members of the general public to test the game in effect, a field test. It s only possible with PC games; console games cannot be tested this way because the public doesn t have the specialized development hard-
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1.3.1 Maintenance Engineering
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