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An inserter outputs information to a stream. An extractor inputs information from a stream.
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We haven t yet seen any place specifically for writing code in the Project Explorer window. Let s insert a VBA module by Insert > Module while we are in VBE. (See Figure 19-2.) You will then see an additional listing for Modules, and under that a module sheet with the name Module1. (See Figure 19-3.) This is the default name; the next module sheet will be called Module2, etc. The cursor should now be in the Code Editor, the wide field on the right of the screen. Module1 is just one of the many VBA modules that you can insert into the VBE. In fact, as you develop your macro writing skills and you write macros for data management, user
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A necessary simplification with the use of the NPV function is the fact the cash flows are assumed to occur at the end of the year. Let s consider what this means. In the example we have been looking at, each of the inflows from year 2005 onward are recognized as if they suddenly appeared on December 31 of each year. Realistically, this is not so as a project produces cash flows throughout the whole year. Thus, a more accurate conceptual representation would be to recognize them at the average of their individual timings, i.e., at the middle of the year. If we want to find out the NPV of the cash flows as of December 31, 2004, the 50 flow we see for 2005 should really be discounted only 0.5 years, rather than 1 year. Likewise, all the other flows should be discounted at 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5 years. The undiscounted starting investment value of (100) aside, the NPV function as it is being used means that we have an NPV of the 2005 2008 flows as of June 30, 2003. In this case, if we agree that:
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// Signal the event. mre.Set(); } } class ManualEventDemo { static void Main() { ManualResetEvent evtObj = new ManualResetEvent(false); MyThread mt1 = new MyThread("Event Thread 1", evtObj); Console.WriteLine("Main thread waiting for event.");
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15.2.5 Network response time
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Taking a look at Table 3-3, you can see that we have a lot of stuff US$4,675.60 worth but not nearly as much as we could have included. The point of this exercise wasn t to list each and every item listed in the Smarthome catalog; rather, it is to show you what different projects would cost.
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Strategic alignment: How well does the plan support the company s business objectives Employee motivation: Do the sales personnel strive to earn incentive pay by excelling on the program performance measures Best practice variance: While some companies will intentionally vary from best practices, knowing these variances may help identify unexpected consequences. Return on investment: Is the company getting an effective return on investment Program management: Is the program management consistent with plan documentation Is it timely Accurate
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NOTE Management is responsible for the business decisions that it makes; in ideal situations they make these decisions with sufficient information at hand. Usually, however, there are some unknowns.
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Don t use a regular marker to write on the CD disc. Regular markers can bleed through and damage your data. You can find CD- and DVD-safe markers at your local office supply store.
TCP and UDP provide a multiplexing function for simultaneously supporting multiple sessions to one or more hosts: This allows multiple applications to send and receive data to many devices simultaneously. With these protocols, port numbers (at the transport layer) and IP addresses (at the Internet layer) are used to differentiate the sessions. As shown in Tables 9-1 and 9-2, however, two port numbers are included in the segment: source and destination. When you initiate a connection to a remote application, your operating system should pick a currently unused dynamic port number from 49,152 to 65,535 and assign this number as the source port number in the TCP or UDP header. Based on the application that is running, the application will fill in the destination port number with the well-known or registered port number of the application. When the destination receives this segment, it looks at the destination port number and knows by which application this segment should be processed. This is also true for traffic returning from the destination. Let s look at an example, shown in Figure 9-1, that uses TCP for multiplexing sessions. In this example, PC-A has two telnet connections between itself and the server. You can tell these are telnet connections by examining the destination port number (23). When the destination receives the connection setup request, it knows that it should start up the telnet process. Also notice that the source port number is different for each of these connections (50,000 and 50,001). This allows both the PC and the server to differentiate between the two separate telnet sessions. This is a simple example of multiplexing connections.
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