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How large a network will the network management system handle Most network management systems will handle the average to small network with no problem. It should not be assumed that the network management system is infinitely extensible. This issue goes to the core of the network management system s internal database design. (Ideally, the purchaser/ user/operator shouldn t have to know or worry about this, but limitations in the database design will affect the number of nodes that can be handled.) We point out here merely that the design of the database affects the efficiency with which data can be extracted. It, therefore, has a direct impact on system performance. Performance can be improved by keeping the entire database in memory. Unfortunately, the size of the memory either limits the size of the database or creates a performance impact when the database can no longer be contained within the system memory. The other alternative is to grow the system memory to match the size of the network. In the worst case, the network management system application may become unstable and crash as the database size is exceeded. (This behavior has been noted in published tests of the leading network management system products.) The user of the GUI, therefore, should not have to know how the database objects are structured in order to retrieve information. For instance, it is frequently desirable to be able to compare the performance statistics of one device with another similar, but not identical, device. This may be accomplished with varying degrees of success with different products. Although routers and bridges perform different functions, it is frequently useful to be able to compare the total number of frames, or packets, handled by each one as the load on the network varies. Another useful metric is the number of errored frames, or packets, per period of different network loads from these different devices. Unfortunately, not all network management systems permit such comparisons. In some cases, it is impossible; in others, it is merely difficult. Another important question is: What percent of your network bandwidth is used by the network management system Ideally, it should be one percent or less. This is significant since most SNMP data are collected by polling (sending GetRequests). Trap data only arrives if the thresholds that have been set in the devices have been exceeded. Therefore, it is important that the network management system have a user programmable polling priority system so that important devices, like routers and firewalls, are sampled more frequently than end devices, such as workstations. This maintains the current status of the important devices and eventually collects information on the end stations, while minimizing the impact on network traffic by the network management system.
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Production Maxims
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The Options dialog is where you can customize certain actions when using the Zoom and Hand Tools. Right mouse button clicks, by default, trigger Zoom Out for both the Zoom and Hand Tools. However, you might want to reassign rightclicking for the Hand and Zoom Tools to be more consistent with the right-click behavior in other words, to display a pop-up context menu like the other Toolbox tools do. If this is your preference, you can change your right mouse button clicks by opening the Options dialog (CTRL+J) and clicking to expand the tree directories under Toolbox | Zoom | Hand Tool, as shown here. In this dialog, you may set the behavior of the right mouse button clicks, using either tool to open the pop-up menu instead.
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Source: Communications Network Test and Measurement Handbook
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I confess I am biased: I prefer to put as much intelligence as possible in the universe. Of course there are exceptions, but let s start with the arguments for the universe. Intelligence in the universe offers much more flexibility than either an OLAP database or a relational table. When you add or modify an object, there is no need to restructure and recalculate a cube; there is no need to modify load routines and rebuild a table. The universe does not require the additional disk space that either OLAP databases or RDBMS tables require. Because the universe is centralized, it enforces consistent business definitions. Further, as shown in Figure 14-1, the processing is done on the database server, thus minimizing the impact on the network or BusinessObjects Enterprise servers that user report formulas can overload. The universe allows partial control of the calculation order, necessary for ratios and variance analysis, something relational tables cannot offer in an ad hoc reporting environment. In the preceding example, you cannot aggregate the variance stored in a
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FastEthernet0/1 YES NVRAM up up Enter the interface name that is facing the internet: FastEthernet0/1 Securing Management plane services... Disabling service finger Disabling service pad Disabling udp & tcp small servers Enabling service password encryption Enabling service tcp-keepalives-in Enabling service tcp-keepalives-out Disabling the cdp protocol . . . Here is a sample Security Banner to be shown at every access to device. Modify it to suit your enterprise requirements. Authorized Access only This system is the property of So-&-So-Enterprise. UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS TO THIS DEVICE IS PROHIBITED. . . . Enter the security banner {Put the banner between k and k, where k is any character}: $ Keep Out...This means you! $ Enable secret is either not configured or is the same as enable password Enter the new enable secret: cisco1234 Confirm the enable secret : cisco1234 Enter the new enable password: cisco5678 Confirm the enable password: cisco5678 Configuration of local user database Enter the username: richard Enter the password: mypassword123 Confirm the password: mypassword123 Configuring AAA local authentication Configuring Console, Aux and VTY lines for local authentication, exec-timeout, and transport Securing device against Login Attacks
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Navigator 4 has particular trouble with list items, which is most of the reason for the B rating. 1.3 Inheritance Navigator 4 s inheritance is unstable at best, and fatally flawed at worst. It would take too long to list all occurrences, but particularly troublesome areas include tables and lists. 1.4 Class Selector WinIE4/5 allows class names to begin with digits; this is not permitted under CSS1. 1.5 ID Selector WinIE4/5 allows ID names to begin with digits; this is not permitted under CSS1. All browsers apply the style for a given ID to more than one instance of that ID in an HTML document, which is not permitted. This is an error-checking problem, not a failing of the CSS implementations, but it is significant enough to warrant the ratings shown. Note that ID and classes can begin with digits under CSS2, so this is not as much of a problem as it might first appear. 1.6 Contextual Selectors
Oscillator Design
A Practitioner s Guide to Virtual Design and Construction (3D/4D) Tools on Commercial Projects: Case Study of a Large Healthcare Project
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History of Bridge Inspections
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