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Introduction to Out-of-Band Signaling Systems A telephone system is composed of two network types: the speech path (trunk) network that carries the voice channels between exchanges and ultimately between the customer s telephones, and the signaling network that performs the interexchange control required for call processing. The signaling network carries all the data messages used in setting up calls between computer-controlled telephone switches. These messages conform to a layered network protocol known as Signaling System No. 7 (or SS7). When a call is made between two telephones, several steps are required to perform the dialing, ringing (or busy), answer, and hang-up operations. Signaling messages communicate these steps among the various switches involved in processing a call. These signaling messages instruct the switch to generate the appropriate tone (ringing tone, for example), or to divert the call to a prerecorded message such as an announcement that a number no longer is in service. Figure 33.1 shows a simplified view of telephone network infrastructure. This view of the telephone network shows two telephones connected to End Office switches (local telephone exchanges) and a trunk path between these switches passing through a tandem switch. Above the trunk and switch level there are signaling links and signaling transfer points or STPs. The STPs act as packet routers, passing signaling messages towards their destination. The triangular symbol of shown in Figure 33.1 represents a Service Control Point or SCP. A common example of a service is an 800 free phone number database, which could be held within an SCP. A switch, receiving an 800 call, sends a
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TABLE 4.2 Pro le Harmonic 3-4-5 Cycloidal 4-5-6-7
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Ill 14-7
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Computer Requirements
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This page intentionally left blank.
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Because Hashtable does not maintain an ordered collection, there is no specific order to the collection of keys or values obtained. Hashtable also has two protected properties: EqualityComparer and KeyComparer. Two other properties called hcp and comparer are flagged as obsolete. Hashtable stores key/value pairs in the form of a DictionaryEntry structure, but most of the time, you won t be aware of it directly because the properties and methods work with keys and values individually. For example, when you add an element to a Hashtable, you call Add( ), which takes two arguments: the key and the value. It is important to note that Hashtable does not guarantee the order of its elements. This is because the process of hashing does not usually lend itself to the creation of sorted tables. Here is an example that demonstrates Hashtable:
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Generic Syntax
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The Standard Template Library and the string Class
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The last function of AAA is accounting. Accounting allows you to keep a record of the actions of your users, like when they successfully or unsuccessfully authenticate, what services they are accessing, or what commands they are executing. To use AAA accounting for CTP, you need an AAA server syslog is not supported.
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Information Leakage
Fig. 3-36 The Thevenin equivalent ciruit to the one shown in Fig. 3-34, as seen by the voltage source.
Cellular Networks
Ill 8-8
50 Torque (lb-in.)
2. Create the replication administrator at The replication administrator must be granted the necessary privileges to create and manage a replication environment. The replication administrator must be created at each database that participates in the replication environment.
Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach
Distance Vector Protocol Problems and Solutions
Remote operation of the analyzer is becoming increasingly important for two reasons. First, synchronous NEs are often remotely sited, and it is an advantage to be able to access the monitoring data remotely. Furthermore, highly skilled technicians are a scare resource, and remote access allows these technicians to be centrally located.
As the figure shows, devices on the two separate networks can have the same IP addresses the servers can be the same, the printers can be the same, the computers can all be the same, except for the router. Since they are private networks and do not interact directly, there is no device conflict. Neither LAN is even cognizant of the other s existence. The routers, however, will have different IP addresses because they have to interact directly on the Internet. However, two computers on the same network, as Figure 2-5 shows, cannot have the same IP address. If two devices share the same IP address, there will be a conflict and the device added to the network last will not be recognized.
WebVPN is not supported on the PIXs, unfortunately. Cisco s current products that support WebVPN include the ASAs, the 3000 concentrators, and the IOS routers. Cisco no longer develops code for the 3000 concentrators since they are end-of-sale (EOS). Today all initial WebVPN development is done on the ASAs and eventually ported to the routers. TIP Currently the routers are about 6 to 12 months behind the ASAs in their WebVPN capabilities. So if you want the latest and greatest for WebVPN, use the ASAs. Here are the current restrictions when using clientless or thin client mode for WebVPN: Web browser cookies must be enabled otherwise after authenticating, the user will be asked to authenticate again (the authentication credentials are stored in cookies). Port forwarding doesn t work if CA identity certificates are used: Java doesn t have the ability to access the client SSL certificate in the web browser key store. Microsoft Outlook MAPI is unsupported for clientless and thin client; it is supported for tunnel mode connections. Contexts are unsupported for any type of VPN: SSL, IPSec, PPTP, and L2TP. A user cannot connect to sites that have expired certificates: the appliance will drop the connection. (Remember that the ASA is proxying the connections, and it, not the user, is the one that will reject the expired certificate.) You cannot apply address translation policies to the clientless and thin client connections; however, you can for tunnel mode connections.
This program produces the following output, which is the same as that produced by the first version of the program shown earlier:
Protocols and Policies
Page reordering in a multi-page document is as easy as drag and drop.
Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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