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Existing Steel Girders
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Figure 6-7. Progressive Ramp Participation Rate
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Although both instance methods and static methods can be used as event handlers, they do differ in one important way. When a static method is used as a handler, an event notification applies to the class. When an instance method is used as an event handler, events are sent to specific object instances. Thus, each object of a class that wants to receive an event notification must register individually. In practice, most event handlers are instance methods, but, of course, this is subject to the specific application. Let s look at an example of each. The following program creates a class called X that defines an instance method as an event handler. This means that each X object must register individually to receive events. To demonstrate this fact, the program multicasts an event to three objects of type X.
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An alternative syntax for concatenation is the addition (+) operator. The addition operator allows you to concatenate multiple strings together without nesting concatenation functions. This method is easier to read. The preceding formula would be written using addition syntax for concatenation as follows:
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Load watts from Table 9.4 Nameplate volts (either 120 or 240) Line 29 divided by Line 30 Sum of Lines 7, 12, 28, and 31; TOTAL is larger of A and B
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The Support Structure and Processes
5: Monitoring in PerformancePoint Server
How can toxoplasmosis be diagnosed postnatally
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Data Modeling
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Features and functions Multivendor interworking Differing priority services offered by fixed networks, mobile networks, and Personal Communications Systems
Subnet Mask
dramatic enough, but you do like the two colors. Adjust the midpoint of the fill by dragging on the midpoint control, shown in Figure 4-3. You drag it toward the From color marker to emphasize the To color in the fill, and vice versa.
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