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Optical Element Testers
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C# 4.0 adds features that streamline the ability to interact with unmanaged code that is defined by the Component Object Model (COM), especially that used by Office Automation. Some of these features, such as the dynamic type, and named and optional properties, are applicable beyond COM interoperability. COM in general, and Office Automation in particular, is a very large and, at times, complex topic. It is far beyond the scope of this book to discuss it. Therefore, the topic of COM interoperability is also outside the scope of this book. The preceding notwithstanding, two features related to COM interoperability warrant a brief mention. The first is the use of indexed properties. The second is the ability to pass value arguments to COM methods that require a reference. As you know, a C# property is normally associated with only one value, with a single get and set accessor. However, this is not the case with all COM properties. To address this
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Figure 11-13 Budding (extrusion) of a membrane to form a lipid vesicle.
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NOTE Remember that creating the user IDs and granting access to folders are two different tasks.
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the number of half-lives by 1.25 109 years, the half-life of 40K, to obtain an estimate of the age of the sample. Use the average value from the age determinations of all four samples to estimate the age of the meteorite.
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Color Conductor Use
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
TDM Line Service (T-Line): Application: Leased Line Replacement Customer Premises TDM CES IWF Ethernet Metro Ethernet Network E-Line Service CESoETH Ethernet CES IWF TDM Customer Premises
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Use the Application Publishing Wizard to add the Installation Manager package to the farm through the Installation Manager node of the Presentation Server Console. The wizard lets you automatically install, publish, and load balance the applications. Additionally, the command line utility apputil can be used to add and remove servers from these published packages via scripting, further automating the application installation process. If you use Installation Manager without the wizard, applications are not automatically published or load balanced. For more information about apputil, please see the MetaFrame Presentation Server Administrator s Guide. NOTE Packages created by earlier versions of Installation Manager may not allow access to this feature.
Approaches to Development, Test, and Production Universes
public void ShowDim() { Console.WriteLine("Width and height are " + Width + " and " + Height); } } // A derived class of TwoDShape for triangles. class Triangle : TwoDShape { string Style; // Constructor public Triangle(string s, double w, double h) { Constructor for Triangle. Width = w; // init the base class Construct TwoDShape portion Height = h; // init the base class of a Triangle object. Style = s; } public double Area() { return Width * Height / 2; } public void ShowStyle() { Console.WriteLine("Triangle is " + Style); } } class Shapes3 { static void Main() { Triangle t1 = new Triangle("isosceles", 4.0, 4.0); Triangle t2 = new Triangle("right", 8.0, 12.0); Console.WriteLine("Info for t1: "); t1.ShowStyle(); t1.ShowDim(); Console.WriteLine("Area is " + t1.Area()); Console.WriteLine(); Console.WriteLine("Info for t2: "); t2.ShowStyle(); t2.ShowDim(); Console.WriteLine("Area is " + t2.Area()); } } // init the derived class
Autonomous Mini Sumo
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