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Because k is defined in File One, it may be used in File One. In File Two, k is specified as extern, which means that its name and type are known but that k, itself, is not actually defined. When these two files are linked, the attempt to use k within File Two results in an error because there is no definition for k. By preceding k with static in File One, its scope is restricted to that file and it is not available to File Two. While static global declarations are still allowed in C++, a better way to accomplish this is to use an unnamed namespace. For example,
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In the preceding example, the array has an element type of int, which is a value type. All methods defined by Array are automatically available to all of the built-in value types. However, this may not be the case for arrays of object references. To sort or search an array of object references, the class type of those objects must implement either the IComparable or IComparable<T> interface. If the class does not implement one of these interfaces, a runtime exception will occur when attempting to sort or search the array. Fortunately, both IComparable and IComparable<T> are easy to implement. IComparable defines just one method: int CompareTo(object obj)
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Examine Figure 5-4: The first thing that happens is that the source opens a telnet connection to the destination, setting the SYN flag in the TCP header. The other connection
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Although Randall is a successful lawyer he is intelligent and has an engaging interpersonal style his normal self-mastery level is at the lowest end of the moderate range. Although he is normally quite energetic and enthusiastic,
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In recent years, there have been notable changes in the design philosophy, environmental criteria, staged construction techniques, and computer methods involved in bridge replacement. New types of materials such as concrete, steel, aluminum, timber, bamboo, and composites are available. For example, the use of precast components and high early strength concrete would lead to quick reconstruction. 1. Safety requirements and precautions: The contractor must meet the safety requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), in addition to the scaffolding requirements. The contractor must install and maintain suitable shields or enclosures to prevent damage to adjacent buildings, parked cars, trucks, boats, or vehicles traveling on, over, or under structures undergoing galvanized repairs. 2. Pollution control: The contractor must take all necessary precautions to comply with pollution control laws, and rules and regulations of federal, state, and local agencies. 3. Use of nger joints for bridge superstructures: Either a galvanized or metalized coating for the nal joint is required. The nger joint system must be shop assembled with all components except for the drain trough. Where a nger joint is installed at an abutment, backwall concrete shall not be placed until the concrete deck pour is complete. 4. Girder replacement: A limited vertical under clearance usually causes accidents and may damage girders. Replacement with a shallow girder depth is a possibility. The proposed depth of girders will be adequate to accommodate utilities under the bridge deck.
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The first thing you must do on the router s interface is to define the encapsulation type as PPP. Second, you must specify that PAP will be used for authentication and provide the username and password that will be used to perform the authentication on the server side. This is accomplished with the ppp pap sent-username command. To configure the server side of a PPP PAP connection, use the following configuration:
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Synchronous Belts
An Introduction to Synchronous Signals and Networks An Introduction to Synchronous Signals and Networks STS-1 SERIAL SIGNAL STREAM F F F F 311
Remember that the default administrative distance of OSPF is 110.
he preceding part of the book focused on switches and protocols that function at layer 2. This part of the book moves up one layer in the OSI Reference Model to discuss layer 3, the network layer. Layer 3 devices are generically called routers. Routers basically have two functions:
usage command:
You can specify four different object types for the type_of_object parameter. Table 6-2 lists the valid object types.
Figure 11 - 2
Corrosion in charging cable NO or engine ground connection.
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