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public T GetOb() { return ob; }
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As you know, C# is a strongly typed language. Aside from the standard conversions and automatic promotions that apply to its value types, type compatibility is strictly enforced. Therefore, a reference variable for one class type cannot normally refer to an object of another class type. For example, consider the following program that declares two classes that are identical in their composition:
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The first command, object-group network, creates a network object group and takes you into the Network Subconfiguration mode. The second and third commands allow you to specify the devices in the object group the first is for a specific host, and the second is for a network or subnet number. You can use a combination of networks and hosts in an object group.
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When a static variable is public, it can be referred to directly through its class name, without reference to any specific object. (Of course, it can still be referred to through an object, too.) For example, consider this version of ShareVar:
Throwing an Exception
for Mobile Communications (GSM) (payload type 3), or G.711 m-law (payload type 0) and would prefer to use G.728, then the media information is as follows:
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Cisco ASA Configuration
Solution: The problem is presented in this somewhat artificial form to illustrate the axis shifting used so effectively in the graphing of parabolas and circles.
The prototype for putchar( ) is found in <stdio.h>. The putchar( ) macro writes the character contained in the least significant byte of ch to stdout. It is functionally equivalent to putc(ch,stdout). Because character arguments are elevated to integers at the time of the call, you can use character variables as arguments to putchar( ). If successful, putchar( ) returns the character written; if an error occurs, it returns EOF. If the output stream has been opened in binary mode, EOF is a valid value for ch. This means that you must use ferror( ) to determine if an error has occurred.
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A Simple Text Hunt Based on Object Properties
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