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As has been stated several times in this book, C++ is a very powerful language. It is also a very large, and at times, complex language. Copy constructors are a feature that many programmers point to as a prime example of this complexity because it is a non-intuitive feature. Newcomers often do not immediately understand why the copy constructor is important, nor is it always obvious to the novice when a copy constructor is needed and when one isn t. This situation often gives rise to the question Isn t there a better way The answer is both Yes and No! Languages such as Java and C# do not have copy constructors because neither language makes bitwise copies of an object. This is because both Java and C# dynamically allocate all objects and you operate on those objects exclusively through references. Thus, no copies of an object are made when passing one as a parameter or returning one from a function. The fact that neither Java nor C# require copy constructors streamlines those languages, but it comes at a price. Operating on objects exclusively through references, rather directly as you can in C++, imposes limitations on the type of operations you can perform. Furthermore, because of their exclusive use of object references, in Java and C# you cannot precisely specify when an object will be destroyed. In C++, an object is always destroyed when it goes out of scope. Because C++ gives you, the programmer, complete control, it is a bit more complicated language than are Java and C#. This is the price of programming power.
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the shapes and drag it to move it; clearly the two paths are now separate. You have just converted a compound path featuring two sub-paths into two individual objects, as shown in Figure 10-11.
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What if the bridge fails now All of the stations on any given LAN can speak to each other, but no frames can flow from LAN to LAN. Figure 13.2 shows two bridges, X and Y, both connecting trunk 1 to trunk 2. What happens if station A on trunk 1 transmits a broadcast frame (a frame whose destination MAC address is FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF) Both bridges would receive the frame, and if both behaved as described in the preceding section, both would forward the frame to trunk 2. It is important, at this point, to note something about basic IEEE 802.1D bridges; they do not alter the forwarded frame. The broadcast frame forwarded by each bridge to trunk 2 is exactly the same, bit-for-bit, as the original frame transmitted by station A.
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Telephone numbers in a pre-LNP environment have always been assigned to Local Service Providers end offices on an area code and exchange code (NPA-NXX) basis. Each NPA-NXX contains 10,000 telephone numbers. Because an NPA-NXX is only served by a single end office in the United States, the telephone number identifies the person, as well as the actual end office that serves that person. In effect, the dialed NPANXX is the terminating switch s routing address to the rest of the network. With the implementation of local number portability, which allows any number of Local Service Providers to serve the same NPA-NXX, this routing scheme can no longer be used.
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indicates that a two-dimensional array reference variable is being created. When memory is actually allocated for the array using new, this syntax is used:
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Protective Coating Type
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Palms, Soles, Nails
technique to combine two photos. We ll drop out the plane s background by making it transparent, and then slip a second photo on a new layer under the plane. To drop out the background, as shown in Figure 5-5, from the menu choose Select | Inverse to switch the selection from the plane to the background. Choose the Eraser from the Toolbar and on the Options bar, select a large brush size for the eraser and set Opacity to 100 percent. Sweep the selected background with the tool. Don t worry about the foreground; the eraser will affect only the selected area. Within the selection, each sweep of the eraser replaces the image with a checkerboard pattern that indicates that that area is transparent.
The program begins by creating a large array of integers called data that contains positive values. Next, a few negative values are inserted. Then, a PLINQ query is used to return a sequence of the negative values. This query is shown here:
Build Your Own Combat Robot
Figs. 5.1.7 and 5.1.8 show space and zone allocation tools with which to start organizing the coordination process. Sequence of Coordination Based on DPR s experience, the MEP/FP coordination process using 3D-4D tools is most efficient if it follows the sequence below: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Start with the 3D structural and architectural model. Add miscellaneous steel details to the model. Perform preliminary space allocation (as indicated in the previous section). Identify hard constraints (locations of access panels, lights, etc.). Draw the main medium-pressure ducts from the shaft out. Draw the main graded plumbing lines and vents. Draw the sprinkler mains and branches. Draw the cold and hot water mains and branches. Draw the lighting fixtures and plumbing fixtures. Route the smaller ducts and flex ducts around the utilities drawn above. Route the smaller cold and hot water piping, flex ducts, etc., last.
Mathematician's Clock
SDH and SONET Analyzers 708 Network Test Instrumentation
The two types of service flows, admitted and active, facilitate two-phase service activation models widely used in telephony applications. For example, when an end-to-end
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