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Photographing landscapes requires developing an eye for recognizing interesting scenes and then creating a dramatic composition. You don t have to be in a hurry when photographing a landscape, but you do need to plan your photograph. First and foremost, photograph the landscape during the golden light of the morning or late afternoon. Other than the time of day, you can take your time, as landscapes are static and do not change, unless, of course, you want to capture atmospheric phenomena, such as a brewing thunderstorm.
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NOTE In an environment where aggressive synchronization is enabled, every time an application is launched, a synchronization event takes place. This is comparable to a user using the refresh feature in Logon Manager. Performing synchronizations across a WAN link could cause a bottleneck between the synchronization point and Password Manager Agents.
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9. Use a stirring rod to transfer 1 drop of
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Figure 10-3. Pay Versus Profit
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The BotBoard was developed by Kevin Ross and Marvin Green using the same 68HC11 microcontroller used by the Handy Board.The size of this board is significantly smaller, however, and it doesn t have the built-in features of the Handy Board. Because many people didn t want those extra features, this board offers a smaller and lower-cost solution to obtain the same level of power of the Handy Board. Karl Lunt has developed a version of the Basic programming language for the 68HC11 microcontrollers, which is called Sbasic. You can download it from Karl s Web site at Karl is also the author of an excellent book about robots called Build Your Own Robot (see Appendix B).
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You can perform random read and write operations using the C I/O system with the help of fseek( ), which sets the file position indicator. Its prototype is int fseek(FILE *fp, long numbytes, int origin);
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proposals and reports. The category organizational structure is also appropriate for matter-of-fact short narratives, such as announcements and E-mails. Proposals Proposals typically use a category organizational structure to make it easy for readers to locate speci c units of information. Michelle, for instance, wrote a grant request that ran more than fty pages. It was a huge endeavor. The museum that I work for wanted to install new lighting, and I wrote a proposal to a private foundation that provides funds for infrastructure improvements. I chose the category organizational structure as a way of making the huge amount of information manageable. I ended up with six categories: our attendance gures testimonials from curators about the importance of lighting an engineering report about ne art lighting standards an electrician s cost estimates background information about the museum and how we serve the community 6. copies of legal documents proving our nonpro t status As I wrote the proposal, I kept discovering new categories. Having selected the category organizational structure, I was able to easily add new categories, combine some closely related ones, and eliminate some that weren t relevant. I can t imagine how much more dif cult it would have been if I had been trying to track and revise one fty-page unit instead of the smaller, easy-to-identify units. We got the money, by the way! Reports The category organizational structure also works well in reports. Using this structure ensures that each section is short and focused, two standards of excellence in business writing. Karl s boss expected each of his direct subordinates to write a monthly activity report. Karl explained that he used to use a straight narrative 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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A string. Another string.
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YOU TRY IT Simplify the expression ln( a3 35 5 4 ) .
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Marc Schwager Hewlett-Packard Australia Ltd., Victoria, Australia
Update the Budget
fund pure research without tying it to a specific product, because they know it will pay off in the long run. As a 3-D graphics programmer you will probably have little to do with the actual game; you may be developing an engine that will be used by several different games. Video compression and playback Although pre-rendered movies are not as fashionable as they once were, games still use them, and game developers still try to find ever more efficient ways of compressing and playing them. Animation Pre-rendered animation is one thing; animation on-the-fly, with constantly changing conditions, is quite another. Considerable research has gone into making creatures and people walk realistically under all circumstances: fast and slow, up hills and down, and so on. Audio Console machines contain special-purpose audio processors that must be programmed close to the bare metal; this is the job of the audio programmer. Although you may not have access to a console development station before you get a job, if you want to be an audio programmer you should try to get some experience working with digital signal processors (DSPs) in school. On the PC, audio device control is normally handled by the operating system, but there are many other audio tasks as well: streaming and mixing sounds on-the-fly in response to game events, for example. Interactive music also requires audio programmers. Physics To be a physics programmer you must be entirely comfortable with both trigonometry and calculus. Without trigonometry, you can t understand the formulas needed for measuring distance, and you can program only the most trivial of movement algorithms without calculus. The field is even more mathematical than 3-D graphics programming. Physics programming is used most heavily in vehicle simulators and sports games, although it has applications in any game that tries to make the movement of solid bodies look realistic. Artificial intelligence Another large and important specialty. Game AI is a combination of real artificial intelligence, as studied in university research programs, and a lot of clever smoke and mirrors to make a game seem intelligent. But a game can t rely only on smoke and mirrors, especially a game of perfect information like chess. AI programming doesn t require that much math, although it helps. It s more about finding ways to make appropriate decisions in a given situation. Simulation Not the simulation of vehicles, but the simulation of complex processes. In many popular games, the player is trying to manage a set of complex interactions among interrelated systems. Sim City is the classic
3Sony launched a Blu-ray Disc recorder in 2003 in Japan, the BDZ-S77, to allow personal home recording of HD broadcasts, but it recorded on cartridge-type, version 1 media and would not play feature films.
Note: A laser transmitter could drive 3 separate fibers. With wavelengthdivision multiplexing, one fiber will carry these 3 optical carriers transporting 45 total TV channels.
Effective length factor, Unsupported length of compression member 1/(1 X2); Pu/( k Pe)
Use EventHandler<TEventArgs> and EventHandler
FIGURE 5.21.
// Use an exception class. #include <iostream> #include <cstring> using namespace std;
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