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When the One can also offer examples of this, ask questions to help the One move to greater depth and insight, getting the One to talk about how he or she ultimately felt about the work and how this understanding can be useful going forward.
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Structures and Unions
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/* Display a file. To use this program, specify the name of the file that you want to see. For example, to see a file called TEST.CS, use the following command line. ShowFile TEST.CS */ using System; using System.IO; class ShowFile { static void Main(string[] args) { int i; FileStream fin; if(args.Length != 1) { Console.WriteLine("Usage: ShowFile File"); return; } try { fin = new FileStream(args[0], FileMode.Open); } catch(IOException exc) { Console.WriteLine(exc.Message); return; }
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VAGC(HIGH) 0.8 25 mA
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Cloud Computing at Work
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Figure 8-6 An optical- ber network replaces trunk lines datamatrix generator
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Delocalized electrons Electrons that are able to move about an entire molecule, or section of a molecule (as opposed to being held within the region surrounding only one atom, or two adjacent covalently bonded atoms). Denatured The state of a protein or nucleic acid that has unfolded, so that it is no longer in its native state. Denaturing agent A substance or environmental condition that destabilizes a higher-order structure (quaternary, tertiary, and/or secondary structure) in proteins or nucleic acids, causing them to unfold out of their native state. Deoxycarbohydrate A carbohydrate that is missing one oxygen atom, that is, a molecule made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, in the ratio CnH2nOn21. See also carbohydrate. Deoxyribose A 5-carbon deoxycarbohydrate, whose ring form is commonly found in nucleotides. Destructive interference The interference of two or more waves specifically in a way that results in a smaller or less intense wave (the distance between the peaks and troughs becomes smaller). Dielectric constant A measure of how easily a medium (material or substance) is polarized by an electric field. The dielectric constant therefore also measures how easily a material or substance conducts electricity. Dielectric constant is also called permittivity. Differential scanning calorimeter An instrument that can measure the heat capacity of a sample as a function of temperature. Differentiation The process of a cell specializing and becoming a particular type of cell. Diffraction A phenomenon whereby light waves pass through an ordered arrangement of openings and subsequently interfere with each other on the other side. Diffusion The process of molecules or particles spreading out as a result of their random motion. In diffusion, molecules or particles always move (over time) from a region of higher concentration to one of lower concentration, however, not necessarily directly or straight away, but rather somewhat gradually as the result of random motion. Dipole moment The magnitude of the charge at either end of an electric dipole times the fixed distance between the two charges at the opposite ends of the electric dipole.
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if(typeid(i) == typeid(j)) cout << "The types of i and j are the same\n"; if(typeid(i) != typeid(f)) cout << "The types of i and f are not the same\n"; return 0; }
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The .NET Framework defines an environment that supports the development and execution of highly distributed, component-based applications. It enables differing computer languages to work together and provides for security, program portability, and a common programming model for the Windows platform. As it relates to C#, the .NET Framework defines two very important entities. The first is the Common Language Runtime (CLR). This is the system that manages the execution of your program. Along with other benefits, the Common Language Runtime is the part of the .NET Framework that enables programs to be portable, supports mixed-language programming, and provides for secure execution. The second entity is the .NET class library. This library gives your program access to the runtime environment. For example, if you want to perform I/O, such as displaying something on the screen, you will use the .NET class library to do it. If you are new to programming, then the term class may be new. Although it is explained in detail later in this book, for now a brief definition will suffice: a class is an object-oriented construct that helps organize programs. As long as your program restricts itself to the features defined by the .NET class library, your programs can run anywhere that the .NET runtime system is supported. Since C# automatically uses the .NET Framework class library, C# programs are automatically portable to all .NET environments.
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Turn on the key switch with your foot off the accelerator pedal. If the motor runs without the accelerator pedal depressed, turn off the key switch and troubleshoot your wiring connections. If nothing happens when you turn on the key switch, go to the next step. With the transmission in first gear, slowly press the accelerator pedal and see if the wheels turn. If the wheels turn, good. Now look to see which way the wheels are turning. If the wheels are turning in the right direction, this is doubly good. If not, turn off the key switch and main breaker and interchange the DC series motor s field connections. If you are moving in the right direction, go to the next step. If you have the high pedal disable option on the Curtis controller, turn off the key switch, depress the accelerator pedal and turn on the key switch. The motor should not run. Now completely take your foot off the accelerator and slowly reapply it. The motor should run as before. If this does not work correctly, troubleshoot your wiring connections. If it works, you are ready for a road test. Turn off the key switch.
Part III:
113 114 Long-term assets 115 % of revenues 116 % growth 92.0 =IF(B$8,B114/B$8,0) 116.0 >>> 150.0 >>> >>> 14.0% 14.0%
As a developer, you have control over a number of factors that are directly in uenced by the standards. Your decisions on these issues will not only affect the compatibility of your title with the installed base of playback devices but also the overall performance of your work. Much of the material in the following chapters deals with the decisions you face when using recorder software to create a virtual "image" of the disc, on your hard drive or some other fast medium, before writing it to the recordable disc. The term image refers to an exact block-by-block copy of the data, including correction codes and addressing information, that precisely matches the form in which the data will appear on the CDROM. (The size of the image le will be the same size as the data contents of the disc so if you have 600MB of data to be written to disc, the image le will require 600MB of your hard drive space.) The CD recorder application does the work of determining how to structure all this data and then stores it in a single image le on your hard drive. Recording the actual CD-ROM disc is then mainly a matter of copying that le.
relational databases, you may want to skip the last part o f this section.
#include <stdio.h> void sp_to_dash(const char *str); int main(void) { sp_to_dash("this is a test"); return 0; } void sp_to_dash(const char *str) { while(*str) { if(*str == ' ') printf("%c", '-'); else printf("%c", *str); str++; } }
1. Experience has shown that in addition to the above speci c repair materials, the following guidelines would lead to durable concrete for rehabilitation and replacement. Adverse parameters that affect deterioration such as sharp skew, deck joints, deicing chemicals, etc. need to be addressed in detail: Use slag and pozzolans to reduce concrete permeability and control heat of hydration. Use non-corrosive reinforcement in areas exposed to harsh environments. Use higher percentages of aggregate so that cement pastes are not widespread and may initiate cracks. Use air entrainment to protect concrete from sub-freezing temperatures. Reduce entrapped air voids by compaction and consolidation. Use adequate curing methods to control both temperature and moisture. Use post-tensioning to prevent crack generation. 2. Concrete sealants/sealers: Following are some facts about sealants and sealers: Deck sealants: The major controlling parameter is the depth of penetration. Penetrating sealants prevent concrete deterioration from deicing salts and provide durability and permeability. Silane and siloxane products are used as concrete surface sealers. Moisture on the surface prevents effective application.
A console interface provides serial connection access to a Cisco device with console access, you can enter commands in a text-based mode. To manage your Cisco device from a remote station, however, you first need to create a basic configuration, including IP addressing on the device. Therefore, to perform your initial configurations, you need access to the console port of your Cisco device. Before you can begin configuring your Cisco device, you must first connect it to your network and set up a terminal connection to its console interface, as described earlier in the Console Connection section. Here are the three steps your Cisco device goes through when booting up: 1. Perform hardware tests. 2. Locate and load the IOS. 3. Locate and execute the device s configuration file.
ciscoasa(config)# aaa accounting {include | exclude} accounting_service {inbound | outbound | logical_if_name internal_IP_address internal_subnet_mask external_IP_address external_subnet_mask group_tag -orciscoasa(config)# aaa accounting match ACL_ID logical_if_name group_tag
public bool ContainsKey(TK k) public bool ContainsValue(TV v) public IDictionary.Enumerator<TK, TV> GetEnumerator( ) public bool Remove(TK k)
Name Hiding with Interface Inheritance
Fig. 6-8
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