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Which bacteria commonly cause pelvic TB Mycobacterium tuberculosis or Mycobacterium bovis How does TB reach the pelvic organs What parts of the upper genital tract does TB usually affect Which population is most affected Via hematogenous dissemination from either the lung or the GI tract Oviducts and endometrium Premenopausal women; immigrants from Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America
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5. If you are copying the document to your personal folder, select My Folders and then the particular folder or Favorites. 6. Click OK in the bottom far right of the dialog. 7. InfoView will return you to the list of documents in the public folder. To see where you have copied the document, select My Folders from the Navigation panel.
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Figure 11-6 Lipid bilayers that contain only saturated lipids are able to pack the lipids much closer together than bilayers that contain unsaturated lipids or a mixture of saturated and unsaturated lipids.
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360-297-7383 Office 360-620-6266 Cell 360-297-1660 Production Shop 360-297-3311 Metal Shop 5718 Gamblewood Road NE Kingston, WA 98346
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Media Type (Media Encoding Format) DIVX Video XVID Video Microsoft Video 1 MPEG-1 Video MPEG-4 Video Indeo Interactive Video MPEG-1 Audio AC3 Audio Fraunhofer MPEG Layer-3 Codec MP3 WMA WMV Real Media Quick Time
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Examples: Odd(2) returns false (0). Odd([Revenue]) returns true (1) when [Revenue] is an odd number and false (0) when [Revenue] is an even number.
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(EH) + (EV+ES)
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Production Ef ciency
Value in thousands: 8,763.4
The appliances support static PAT, sometimes referred to as port address redirection (PAR). PAR is sometimes necessary when your ISP assigns you a single public IP address that
LAB 3.2 7. After recording the temperature, immediately
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evt.SomeEvent += (n) => Console.WriteLine("Event received. Value is " + n);
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