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Depending on how your CorelDRAW X4 options are currently selected, open-path objects in which the beginning and end points are not joined might not be available to apply a fill color to the inside area of the path, mostly because it has no inside. This might seem an inconvenience if you re accustomed to using other applications such as Adobe Illustrator that, by default, normally assign open paths a solid fill. In CorelDRAW X4, you can fill an open path, but this option is not turned on by default. However, you can change this if you so choose.
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Planning Your Deployment of Citrix Presentation Server for NDS Support
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Use Property Bar Corner Roundness options to enter a percentage value. Set your rectangle s corner roundness manually using the Shape Tool, by dragging any corner control point away from its corner (toward a side that makes up the rectangle) to change each corner roundness value individually while the corner options are unlocked or to change all corners equally while the options are locked. Use the Object Properties docker, opened by right-clicking the rectangle shape and choosing Properties.
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Procedure Laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy (LAVH) Description It is a procedure using laparoscopic surgical techniques and instruments to remove the uterus and/or tubes and ovaries through the vagina Indications/Contraindications Indications are similar to that of a hysterectomy Benefits/Risks Advantages include avoiding a large abdominal incision, less postoperative pain and recovery time. Disadvantages include technical difficulty leading to increased operative time and increased anesthesia exposure Comments Recently, laparoscopic supercervical hysterectomy (LSH) has been advocated by some. This preserves the cervix and its supporting structures, and allows for lubrication and maintenance of sexual response The abdominal cavity is usually distended with carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide gas to facilitate viewing and prevent bowel injury
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Arc electrode pair
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Applications designed for professional use provide the most control over disc formatting, with full control of disc geography and support for all of the standard and many of the less common CD-ROM or DVD formats. The most versatile products in this category can produce disc images for any type of disc, regardless of platform, including some of the lesser-used game formats, Enhanced CDs, and other less commonly used formats. Professional-caliber applications should be able to handle any format or specialized use that you require. Two examples of programs in this category are: GEAR PRO DVD from Software and Buzzsaw 4.0 by ISOMEDIA, Inc. Obviously, the primary uses in this category will be producing master discs for replication or high-volume distribution. Some applications are not suf ciently precise when handling the low-level details of CD-ROM or DVD formats. Non-standard disc one-offs, not suitable for replication masters, can be produced by low-level deviations in link block handling, certain obscure multisession constructions, and the inability to manage Disc-at-Once recording to those disc recorders that support it. If an application cannot produce discs to be used at a replicator to cut a glass master, it does not t into the category of professional applications.
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6: Analysis with PerformancePoint Server and ProClarity
Probably a more realistic purchase, as compared to the Internet Refrigerator, is the Stove Guard. The Stove Guard is a device that automatically shuts off your stove when you forget to shut it off. The Stove Guard, pictured in Figure 10-1, retails for US$159.99. The Stove Guard utilizes a combination of a motion sensor and an internal timer. When the Stove Guard no longer senses your presence, the internal timer starts running. If the stove is on, and you leave the kitchen, the Stove Guard will turn off the stove after a predetermined amount of time (you can set the timer between 1 and 99 minutes). If you return to the kitchen before the timer runs down, the Stove Guard will sense your return and stop its countdown.
For the Boys product category, there are 2428 unique product IDs or 85 different product names. These are both valid numbers. Users may want to see only one or both. If they want to see both, then the object name and the corresponding description must clearly convey what is being counted. Both columns come from the dimension table. The first object, Number of Products, includes the DISTINCT keyword, but only as a precaution; it is not strictly required. If the field you are counting is a unique ID or key field for the entire table, it is not required. Be careful about assuming that ID fields are always unique; some IDs may have an active/inactive flag or timestamp to indicate the latest record. The next column in the report, Number of Products Fact, is misleading and meaningless. There are 227,102 occurrences of a PRODUCT_ID in the SALES fact table. When DISTINCT is used, there are 1091 distinct occurrences of a PRODUCT_ID in the SALES fact table. This number has a business meaning in that 1091 unique Boys products were sold. Users may want to see one or all three types of counts.
6.5.7 Shear Design
The Client Environment
A few years back there was a great deal of talk about convergence between various forms of media, including video games. This convergence didn t take place nearly as quickly as everyone expected, mostly because the production methods of software engineering and those of recording film or television are different and not always compatible. (Nobody has to hire 30 people to labor for months testing a TV show to
Some tables need more than one column in the primary key. In the Enrollment table, the combination of StdSSN and OfferNo is the only candidate key. Both columns are needed to identify a row. A primary key consisting of more than one column is known as a composite or a combined primary key. CREATE TABLE Enrollment (
Arranging and Organizing Objects
produced by a Bunsen burner flame. Why would holding a thermometer in the flame be the wrong approach
In the analysis that follows, references to the sales team (them) are in boldface; references to Les and the company (us) are underlined.
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