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Saturation value by 10, press SHIFT+UP ARROW key. To decrease the Shadows, Brightness, Contrast, or Saturation value by 10, press SHIFT+DOWN ARROW KEY.
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Here, the value of x is automatically boxed when it is passed to Sqr( ). Boxing and unboxing allow C# s type system to be fully unified. All types derive from object. A reference to any type can be assigned to a variable of type object. Boxing/unboxing automatically handles the details for the value types. Furthermore, because all types are derived from object, they all have access to object s methods. For example, consider the following rather surprising program:
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Test Preparation
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Key Features of Digital Modulation
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ment, 300,000,000 meters per second (m/s). As a Trivial Pursuit note, although scientists long considered the speed of light in a vacuum to represent the highest rate at which anything can travel, in July 2000 this changed. In an experiment conducted in Princeton, New Jersey physi, cists transmitted a pulse of laser light through a chamber filled with cesium vapor so quickly that it left the chamber before fully entering it. According to press reports, the pulse traveled 310 times the distance it would have traversed if the chamber had been a vacuum. Although a practical application of this experiment may not be developed for quite some time, this observation does indicate that the speed of light can be pushed beyond previously assumed boundaries. NEWTON S PRISM Although people viewed rainbows a long time prior to the birth of Isaac Newton, Newton s work in 1672 formed the basis for the modern treatment of light as a wave. During 1672, Newton discovered, in experiments with a prism, that light could be split into a series of colors. As he used a prism to analyze light, Newton noted that the colors produced by light passing through the prism were arranged in a precise order; specifically red was followed by orange, yellow green, , , blue, indigo, and violet. If you remember the good old days when you pulled an all-nighter to study for a physics test, the name Roy G. Biv may come to mind. That fictional name was used by many students as a way to remember the order of colors in the light spectrum. Although Newton s prism was the pioneering effort in defining the components of visible light, it took many years of effort to further clarify the color of objects. When modern science was applied to differentiate colors, it was concluded that no single wavelength exists for many colors, which are created by a mixture of wavelengths. For example, purple represents a mixture of red and violet wavelengths. MAXWELL S EFFORT Approximately 100 years after Newton s work, James Clerk Maxwell showed that light was a form of electromagnetic radiation. Maxwell, a nineteenth-century physicist, had a keen interest in electricity and magnetism. One of his major accomplishments was the development of mathematical equations that describe how electricity and magnetism work together to produce light and radio waves. He also developed a color triangle which is commonly used in art and physics classes to explain the relationship between the primary colors (red, blue,
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Given an underlying network of point-to-point services, whether MPLS, SONET, or ATM, you can create very simple E-Line EVCs such as MPLS pseudowires. Provider bridges can use both physical Ethernet links and these virtual links equally well for connecting to customers and to each other. For example, taking just one of the IEEE 802.1ad provider bridge Q-in-Q clouds from Figure 13.1, up to 4094 E-LAN business EVCs can be created and overlaid upon the MPLS network. MPLS can continue to be used for all E-Line EVCs, including Ethernet-over-MPLS services.
6: Analysis with PerformancePoint Server and ProClarity
Part I:
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
5: Wireless
In the program, the namespace NS2 is nested within NS1. Thus, to refer to ClassB from code that is outside both NS1 and NS2, you must qualify it with both the NS1 and NS2 names. NS2 by itself is insufficient. As explained, the namespace names are separated by a period. Therefore, to refer to ClassB within Main( ), you must use NS1.NS2.ClassB. Namespaces can be nested by more than two levels. When this is the case, a member in a nested namespace must be qualified with all of the enclosing namespace names. You can specify a nested namespace using a single namespace statement by separating each namespace with a period. For example:
When you can move image objects around on a page as easily as vector shapes, new design opportunities open up to you.
Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC)
_endthread( )
There are two main problems with CTP authentication: Users need to access multiple internal devices, but with CTP authentication, the user would have to authenticate to each individual device. CTP authentication is global: once a user authenticates, he can access the requested service; in other words, you can t control who accesses what service.
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