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parental control Controlling playback by comparing the upper limit of permissible parental level playback preset by the user in the player with the parental level setting on a disc. In BD this is done by commands on the disc. In DVD this is usually done by the player (but can also be done by commands on the disc). parental level A permissible level of content depending on the age of viewers and the nature of the content of a title. patchiness A term referring to the occasional patchy appearance of compressed video. PC Personal computer. A microcomputer designed for personal use. Originally referred to an IBM PC, often refers to any machine that runs the Microsoft Windows operating system. PCM An uncompressed, digitally coded representation of an analog signal. The waveform is sampled at regular intervals and a series of pulses in coded form (usually quantized) are generated to represent the amplitude. PCM usually refers to linear PCM (LPCM). PC-TV The merger of television and computers. A personal computer capable of displaying video as a television. pel See pixel. perceived resolution The apparent resolution of a display from the observer s point of view, based on viewing distance, viewing conditions, and physical resolution of the display. perceptual coding Lossy compression techniques based on the study of human perception. Perceptual coding systems identify and remove information that is least likely to be missed by the average human observer. Persistent Storage The small part of BD player Local Storage used for keeping settings such as high scores, bookmarks, and Easter egg status. Used only by BD-J. Called Application Data Area in technical documents. PES See packetized elementary stream. petabyte 1,125,899,906,842,624 (250) bytes. Sometimes 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1015) bytes. The progression of byte measurement is byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, petabyte, and so on. PG textST Presentation Graphics Text Subtitles. Subtitles in text form to be rendered into the Presentation Graphics plane. phase-change A technology for rewritable optical discs using a physical effect in which a laser beam heats a recording material to reversibly change an area from an amorphous state to a crystalline state, or vice versa. Continuous heat just above the melting point creates the crystalline state (an erasure), while high heat followed by rapid cooling creates the amorphous state (a mark). (Other recording technologies include dye-sublimation and magneto-optical.) Photo CD Kodak s variation of compact disc format for storing 24-bit 4:2:0 YCC images hierarchically at resolutions of up to 3072 2048 pixels. Thumbnail image representation is also part of the Photo CD specification. Built upon CD-ROM XA. physical format The low-level characteristics of the BD and DVD standards, including pits on the disc, location of data, and organization of data according to physical position. Usually called part 1 in format specifications. physical sector number Serial number assigned to physical sectors on a DVD disc. Serial incremented numbers are assigned to sectors from the head sector in the Data Area as 30000h from the start of the Lead In Area to the end of the Lead Out Area. PICT A standard graphic format for Macintosh computers. picture In video terms, a single still image or a sequence of moving images. Picture generally refers to a frame, but for interlaced frames may refer instead to a field of the frame. In a more general sense, picture refers to the entire image shown on a video display.
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Description Adds obj into the invoking collection. Returns the index at which the object is stored. Deletes all elements from the invoking collection. Returns true if the invoking collection contains obj. Returns false if obj is not in the collection. Returns the index of obj if obj is contained within the invoking collection. If obj is not found, 1 is returned. Inserts obj at the index specified by idx. Elements at and below idx are moved down to make room for obj. Removes the first occurrence of obj from the invoking collection. Elements at and below the removed element are moved up to close the gap. Removes the object at the index specified by idx from the invoking collection. Elements at and below idx are moved up to close the gap.
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on the Zoom Toolbar, and/or the View Navigator feature, go to a specific part of your drawing in the document window.
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PivotChart and PivotTable The PivotChart and PivotTable templates are included for backwards-compatibility with the Office 2003 Office Web Components. While the PivotChart includes more chart types than the Analytic Chart, the Analytic Chart and Analytic Grid are considered the successors to the PivotChart and PivotTable. This because the PivotChart and PivotTable require the download and installation of ActiveX controls on the client machine. Therefore, use of the PivotChart and PivotTable is discouraged in comparison to the Analytic Chart and Analytic Grid. ProClarity Analytics Server Page ProClarity Analytics Server, or PAS, is a full-featured analytics client. Eventually, the functionality available in PAS will all be moved into PerformancePoint Server. Until this, this report type will like to an existing view (or report) in PAS. This will be described in detail in 6. This template will create an Excel workbook with the appropriate data. The workbook will be stored in PerformancePoint Monitoring Server. This template doesn t create a report in SQL Server Reporting Services, but instead creates a reference to an existing Reporting Services report. Reporting Services reports that access BI data will be discussed in 10. This template ties KPIs to the different objectives in a strategy map that was created in Visio 2007. Strategy maps will be discussed later in this chapter. Report Templates and Their Functions
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field. There is no way for an instance variable to maintain the count because the count relates to the class as a whole, not to a specific instance. Here is one more example that uses static. Earlier in this chapter, you saw how a class factory could be used to create objects. In that example, the class factory was a non-static method, which meant that it could be called only through an object reference. This meant that a default object of the class needed to be created so that the factory method could be called. However, a better way to implement a class factory is as a static method, which allows the class factory to be called without creating an unnecessary object. Here is the class factory example rewritten to reflect this improvement:
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standard CRSI bending diagrams, making it possible to bid precise quantities of rebar and eliminating the waste and congestion that typify current practice. The precast module for Tekla was completed several years ago and has become a standard in the precast industry. Tekla is focusing on adapting the rebar technology of its European products to accommodate U.S. practice. A task force of design practitioners is working with Tekla to develop a library of intelligent objects such as these posttensioned concrete beams, slabs, and columns. The goal is to model the building precisely as it is built to support downstream construction activities. This involves complex objects that reflect construction sequences such as the column rebar/lower column concrete/beam and slab rebar and concrete/and upper column concrete sequence implied in the above model. The boundaries of the various material objects may be different, as with the two-story column rebar that traverses several concrete sequences and the beam/column joint that is functionally part of the column but is built with the beam. Tekla has the ability to
hen we think about some of the choices we ve made in the past, how often do we find ourselves saying, I knew I should have listened to myself. I could have saved myself a lot of time, energy, and heartache But too often we didn t listen to that inner voice. This voice is often called the unconscious wisdom, intuition and instinct, higher self, or greater spirit. Anne Bruce author, professional speaker, and workshop facilitator has a different, more evocative term: True North. Just as the North Star guided sailors in times past, our personal True North offers a grounding point of reference, a steady hand to navigate life s often rocky course. It leads us to a place where we are our authentic selves, and life is simpler because we aren t trying to look good or to please others. In today s fast-changing, complex environment, we have seen how, especially in corporate America, we can become derailed, consumed with ego, and internally alienated from our higher self and purpose. Caught up in the fast pace of life, we don t take the necessary time to pause and reflect, and to ask ourselves, What am I doing Where am I going And now more than ever, as our world becomes more visibly entwined and interconnected, we need to reassess who we are and where we stand. And this starts on an individual basis. Anne Bruce, both graciously and passionately, invites you to connect, or perhaps reconnect, with this deeper way of knowing. Drawing from hundreds of workshops she has run, she has distilled her experience into a series of provocative self-assessments, questions, and exercises. She guides us to listen, trust, and act from our True North. She shows us how to not be a victim, but rather to be the author of our life story. Imagine a world in which people are guided by True North to their authentic self deeply connected to themselves, to their calling, and to others. What a different world it would be. Birute Regine Coauthor of The Soul at Work Cambridge, Massachusetts Autumn 2003
Privacy Privacy is obviously a major concern, especially when health records are at stake. HealthVault was created in cooperation with privacy advocates, security experts, and healthcare organizations. HealthVault was designed and built to enhance privacy while providing people with the control they expect and require. Microsoft is the first major technology company to engage with the bipartisan Coalition for Patient Privacy in a serious way. The privacy protections built into HealthVault reflect the privacy principles of the Coalition. HealthVault prohibits onward transfer of data without explicit informed consent; its contractual obligations with advertisers require protection of any data transferred from the platform; its privacy policy is simple and easy to understand, said Dr. Deborah Peel, founder of the Patient Privacy Rights Foundation. That means consumers finally have a trusted place to store their personal health information that will not be data-mined, because they alone control it. Microsoft s use of strong privacy principles including the principles of the Coalition, its ongoing relationship with consumer advocates, and its commitment to independent third-party audits set a new standard for privacy protections in health information technology.
Out-of-service testing is used during equipment development, and installation and commissioning of equipment and services. It also is used in operational networks where in-service techniques have not successfully found the cause of a problem (Figure 11.4). Test equipment is connected to a network link and used to generate test traffic to the system under test (SUT). The SUT can be a piece of equipment or section of the network. The responses of the SUT are then measured and analyzed for protocol correctness and acceptable performance. With individual equipment or protocols, this approach can be formalized as conformance testing, to verify precisely through a series of standard test cases whether a standard is being conformed to or not. The standard cases are called automated test suites (ATS) and are defined by ATM Forum. The test equipment must emulate remaining elements of the network in order to test how the SUT reacts to both normal and errored protocol behavior. This technique is used particularly with protocols such as ATM signaling and is vital, particularly where multivendor interoperability is required in the network.
Visualization Representation Communication 2D, 3D, 4D, etc. SketchUp NavisWorks ArchiCAD
Many birds are able to hover, to fly in a relatively fixed position, not going up or down, left or right, forward or backward. Many large birds, for example seagulls, can hover for brief periods of time by adjusting their wings to ride the breeze like a kite. This of course depends on the consistency of the wind, and the bird s ability to rapidly adjust to changes in wind currents. The dynamic forces involved are rather intricate and so we will not take the time to examine them here. However, hummingbirds can hover for extended periods of time, with no breeze at all, by flapping their wings very rapidly. Let s examine what happens when a hummingbird hovers. In order to hover, an organism must generate an upward force that is, on average, equal to its own weight. The upward force balances out the force of gravity (the organism s weight) so that no upward or downward acceleration exists. For this discussion we will ignore forces in directions other than vertical. But you should know and consider that what follows is simplified. In practice the movements and forces necessary for extended hovering in birds are quite complex, since the bird must also control its horizontal motion (especially if it is trying to drink nectar from a flower while hovering). Still, since motion in general can be mathematically resolved into each of the three dimensions, and each dimension dealt with independently, the discussion that follows regarding the vertical dimension is correct for that dimension. We re just not going to complicate matters by including the horizontal forces and motions in our treatment. The lifting force needed for hovering is not constant, but varies with the movements of the wings. This is why we said that the force must be on average equal to the weight of the bird. As long as the average force equals the weight, then the bird can hover, provided the fluctuations in the upward force are rapid. This is because every time the upward force is less than the weight, the bird will accelerate downward (fall). And every time the upward force is greater than the weight, the bird will accelerate upward (rise). If these fluctuations are relatively small and rapid, then the rising and falling of the bird will be minimal, or even negligible. But if the changes in lift are large or slow, then bird will end up bobbing up and down in the air instead of hovering.
7: IP Addressing and Subnetting
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