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The main( ) function begins by calling init_list( ), which initializes the structure array. It then enters a loop that displays the menu and processes the user's selection. The init_list( ) function is shown here:
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Notice the use of the pair template class to construct the key/value pairs. The data types specified by pair must match those of the map into which the pairs are being inserted. Once the map has been initialized with keys and values, you can search for a value, given its key, by using the find( ) function. find( ) returns an iterator to the matching element or to the end of the map if the key is not found. When a match is found, the value associated with the key is contained in the second member of pair. In the preceding example, key/value pairs were constructed explicitly, using pair<char, int>. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, it is often easier to use make_pair( ), which constructs a pair object based upon the types of the data used as parameters. For example, assuming the previous program, this line of code will also insert key/value pairs into m:
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Selecting a CD Recorder
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In this query, AsParallel( ) is called on data. This enables parallel operations on data, which is the data source of the query, letting multiple threads search data in parallel, looking for negative values. As those values are found, they are added to the output sequence. This means that the order of the output sequence may not reflect the order of the negative values within data. For example, here is a sample run produced on a dual-core system:
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The Edison battery used in early 1900s EVs is even a poorer choice. It offers a higher cycle-life (about twice as many), delivers slightly more energy pound for pound (about a third more), and is very rugged mechanically. But the nickel-iron electrochemical couple delivers only slightly more voltage per cell than a NiCad (about 1.3 volts) and has a high internal resistance and self-discharge rate (10 percent per week). Its performance degrades significantly with temperature (both above and below 78 degrees F). It s far more expensive (four times as much and up), there are few sources for them (they re only made in Europe and Japan), and there is little technology development taking place. All the battery development going on in the labs (which we ll look at briefly later in the chapter) is great, but you can t buy one. Your choice boils down to the good old lead-acid battery. But all lead-acid batteries are not created equal. Confining our discussion to the larger sizes suitable for the heavy-duty EV application, you have three types to choose from.
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Figure 9.1 ISDN provides the local access into the IDN, making available a variety of communication and
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8. Which of the following is true concerning the switch learning process A. B. C. D. Known destination MAC addressing information is updated in the port address table. Unknown destination MAC addresses are intelligently forwarded by the switch. A broadcast MAC address can be learned by the switch. Unknown destination MAC addresses are dropped by the switch. code 128 checksum
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Screen popping in an ACD is one of CTI s primary uses today, but other applications can take advantage of CTI. The newer integrated PBX will become a voice server on the LAN. In Figure 6-2 , the integrated PBX is shown as a voice server residing between two separate local area networks (LANs). Now that the various communications vendors have produced an open applications interface, the ability to use a PBX for several components exists. One of its primary applications is to install a third-party bridge or router card inside the PBX. The PBX now serves as the bridging function between the two LANs. Using the PBX also enables an extension of the PBX access to other LAN services. Inside the architecture of the PBX is a high-speed communications infrastructure such as ATM, SONET, or FDDI, depending on the direction chosen by the PBX manufacturer. The PBX manufacturers have devised means of running 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps to the desktop. Now they are looking to implement an Internet Protocol (IP)based card, creating a true data application in the telephony architectures. Newer applications will also include the gigabit Ethernet over twisted-pair wires to the desktop (1000 base T). When dealing with the high-speed communications to the desktop, the user will have unlimited access to voice features, LAN features, and multimedia applications running inside the organization. The combined investment in computer and telephony integration offers substantial opportunities for high-speed broadband communications to the desktop. As a true communications server, the PBX equipped with an IP card (router) inside can bring other services such as Internet or intranet access to the PBX.
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Save buttons do in the menu bar in SDM.
// An auto-implemented, read-only Length property. public int Length { get; private set; } // An auto-implemented, read-only Error property. public bool Error { get; private set; }
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arbohydrates are either polyhydroxy aldehydes or ketones, or compounds that will yield polyhydroxy aldehydes or ketones upon hydrolysis. Carbohydrates are of major importance to both plants and animals. It is estimated that more than half of all the organic carbon atoms in the world are in the form of carbohydrate molecules. Carbohydrates are synthesized chiefly by chlorophyll-containing plants in a process called photosynthesis. Plants produce carbohydrates in the form of starch for energy storage, and in the form of cellulose for structural material. Starch and cellulose are both polymers made up of glucose units. Carbohydrates are classified based upon the products formed when they are hydrolyzed. Monosaccharides are simple sugars that cannot be broken down into simpler sugars upon hydrolysis. Examples of monosaccharides are glucose, ribose, deoxyribose, and fructose. Disaccharides contain two monosaccharide units and yield two monosaccharides upon hydrolysis. Examples of disaccharides are lactose, maltose, and sucrose. Polysaccharides are polymers of monosaccharide units and yield many individual monosaccharides upon hydrolysis. Examples of polysaccharides are starch, glycogen, and cellulose.
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