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Method public int IndexOf(char ch, int start, int count)
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When a program ends, you can return a value to the calling process (often the operating system) by returning a value from Main( ). To do so, you can use this form of Main( ):
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Amplifier Design
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// Declare loop control variable inside the for. using System; class ForVar { static void Main() { int sum = 0; int fact = 1; // Compute the factorial of the numbers 1 through 5. for(int i = 1; i <= 5; i++) { sum += i; // i is known throughout the loop. fact *= i; } // But, i is not known here. Console.WriteLine("Sum is " + sum); Console.WriteLine("Factorial is " + fact); } }
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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Layer Model
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information security management The aggregation of policies, processes, procedures, and activities to ensure that an organization s security policy is effective. information security policy A statement that defines how an organization will classify and protect its important assets. Infrared Data Association (IrDA) The organization that has developed technical standards for point-to-point data communications using infrared light. IrDA has largely been replaced with Bluetooth and USB. infrastructure The collection of networks, network services, devices, facilities, and system software that facilitate access to, communications with, and protection of business applications. inherent risk The risk that there are material weaknesses in existing business process and no compensating controls to detect or prevent them. inheritance The property of a class where class attributes are passed to its children. See also class. initialization vector (IV) A random number that is needed by some encryption algorithms to begin the encryption process. input authorization Controls that ensure all data that is input into an information system is authorized by management. input controls Administrative and technical controls that determine what data is permitted to be input into an information system. These controls exist to ensure the integrity of information in a system. input validation Controls that ensure the type and values of information that are input into a system are appropriate and reasonable. input/output (I/O) device Any device that can be connected to a computer that permits the computer to send data to the device as well as receive data from the device. inquiry and observation An audit technique where an IS auditor asks questions of interviewees and makes observations about personnel behavior and the way they perform their tasks. inrush A sudden increase in current flowing to a device, usually associated with the startup of a large motor. This can cause a voltage drop that lasts several seconds. insourcing A form of sourcing where an employer will use its own employees to perform a function. instant messaging (IM) Any of several TCP/IP application layer protocols and tools used to send short text messages over a network. integrated audit An audit that combines an operational audit and a financial audit. See also operational audit, financial audit.
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Disc recorder applications designed for ease of use generally hide underlying formatting details from the user. The goal is typically to make the disc recorder just another device identi ed by drive letter or name to which les can be transparently copied. Network variations on this theme include products such as SmartCD from Smart Storage, Inc. that extend the le drag-and-drop approach to CD-R jukeboxes installed on the network. Some products, such as Adaptec s DirectCD, offer CD-R access from any application, so that the user can write les to disc through the Save command in the application being run. Often, both CD-R and CD-RW media are supported. Other applications in this category are simple backup tools that copy les to a recordable disc and maintain a history of le operations. Using non-erasable CD-R discs for backup and archiving provides a guaranteed le history or audit trail, an especially important characteristic for many types of organizations that could be put at risk losing data from erasable media. Although the applications often provide the illusion that a le is being deleted (removing it from view in a displayed directory), the earlier version of the le will still be on the CD, but its pointer will be removed. Examples of programs in this category include Backup NOW! by NewTech Infosystems, Inc. and Adaptec DirectCD. data matrix barcode
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The trend in document production programs is toward single-source applications. By adopting single-source principles, you can create one set of document les and then convert them to other formats, as required. For example, a single FrameMaker document can be quickly converted to an Acrobat document, an HTML document, or a le designed for portable viewing with FrameMaker s own reader application. Acrobat offers the enterprising electronic publisher many effective solutions to inexpensive, high-speed document production. The cost-of-entry is low and the results look very professional. Since the Acrobat Reader is free and easily available, either through direct download from Adobe s site ( or via an installer that can be bundled with the rest of the les on your CD-ROM, your audience can access your content with minimal fuss.
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Figure 7.11 The frame structure for the 34.368 Mbps (E4) rate according to the ITU-T G.751. The
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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
Table 5-2 Some Examples of Ethernet Local Area Networks
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Total of Column B 10% of Column B Total of Column A Enter Total from Column B Sum of Totals (Total Load) 46.4 80.0 126.4 Largest item in Column B Larger of above two lines Enter in both Column A and Column B
Rewriting Equation E-6, F and F2 1
The result of a join operation includes the rows matching on the join condition. Sometimes it is useful to include both matching and nonmatching rows. For example, you may want to know offerings that have an assigned instructor as well as offerings without an assigned in structor. In these situations, the outer join operator is useful. The outer join operator provides the ability to preserve nonmatching rows in the result as well as to include the matching rows. Figure 3.7 depicts an outer join between sample Faculty and Offering tables. Note that each table has one row that does not match any row in the other table. The third row of Faculty and the fourth row of Offering do not have matching rows in the other table. For nonmatching rows, null values are used to complete the column values in the other table. In Figure 3.7, blanks (no values) represent null values. The fourth result row is the nonmatched row of Faculty with a null value for the OfferNo column. Likewise, the fifth result row contains a null value for the first two columns be cause it is a nonmatched row of Offering.
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