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Reporting and Analysis
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Optical Wireless Mesh Networks
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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all IPv6 packets on the interface is disabled. However, if the same global address is seen connected to the same interface, the configured global address is not used, but other IPv6 addresses on the interface are used, and processing of IPv6 packets is allowed. The appliance uses neighbor solicitation messages to detect a duplicate address. (Neighbor solicitation messages are discussed later in the IPv6 Neighbors section.) By default the duplicate address check is only performed once when the interface goes active (is brought up). You can change the number of times with the following configuration:
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Some Important Disclaimers
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An optical fiber consists of a central, light-guiding core surrounded by a cladding material of slightly lower refractive index. Light approaching the core-cladding interface is reflected back into the core by total internal reflection, allowing the fiber to guide light with very low loss by continued multiple reflection. A fiber with a relatively large
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When drawing an electric circuit, the direction of the current is indicated by an arrow. For example, in Fig. 1-4 we illustrate a current owing to the right through some circuit element. The ow of current can be de ned by the ow of positive charge or the ow of negative charge. Even though we think of current physically as the ow of electrons through a wire, for instance, by convention in electrical engineering we measure current as the rate of ow of positive charge. Therefore
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FIGURE 14-2 Users drill within reports.
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Figure 2-26 IPv6 Hop-by-Hop header extension
LAB 26.1
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