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One survivor is Knowledge Access Publishing, originally founded as Knowledge Access, with corporate roots that go back to the birth of the industry. How did they survive when so many others failed I talked to cofounder, Matilda Butler, to get her insights into how to stay on track in the CD-ROM publishing industry. Could you offer a capsule history of Knowledge Access from it s founding to where you are now Matilda: Bill Paisley and I started Knowledge Access International in late 1984 (incorporating in 1985). In many ways, Knowledge Access was the outgrowth of a previous company, Edupro, that developed software for the education market. One of our contracts was to develop College Explorer for the College Board. Using College Board s database of information of US colleges, we designed a product for high school students to help them nd schools that matched their interests in majors, sports, setting, size, etc. This was in the days of the Apple II. However, even at that point in history, we began to see the shape of technology. The IBM PC
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or inflexible host or an overpriced self-host. The former was a bad option, because it was inflexible. The latter cost a lot of money: You had to find a host, configure the machine, ship the machine, and manage the machine. With a cloud, you can spin up a new instance in seconds.
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Applications of the Integral
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You can embed links to web sites based on object values. For example, if an object returns a list of customers and you know the web site address for each customer, a user can click on the customer name in a report to link to that customer s web site.
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In this example, because B is inherited by D and because i and j are declared as protected in B, the Setk( ) method can access them. If i and j had been declared as private by B, then D would not have access to them, and the program would not compile. Like public and private, protected status stays with a member no matter how many layers of inheritance are involved. Therefore, when a derived class is used as a base class for another derived class, any protected member of the initial base class that is inherited by the first derived class is also inherited as protected by a second derived class. Although protected access is quite useful, it doesn t apply in all situations. For example, in the case of TwoDShape shown in the preceding section, we specifically want the Width and Height values to be publicly accessible. It s just that we want to manage the values they are assigned. Therefore, declaring them protected is not an option. In this case, the use of properties supplies the proper solution by controlling, rather than preventing, access. Remember, use protected when you want to create a member that is accessible throughout a class hierarchy, but otherwise private. To manage access to a value, use a property.
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Figure 19-17. Normal client behavior for XYZ Corp
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A shunt motor is instantly adaptable as a shunt generator. Most generators are in fact shunt wound, or variations on this theme. The linear or nearly linear torque and speed versus current characteristics of the shunt motor manifest as nearly linear voltage versus current characteristics when used as a generator. This also translates to a high degree of stability that makes a shunt motor both useful for and adaptable to regenerative braking applications either manually or electronically controlled.
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In an expression lambda, the expression on the right side of the => acts on the parameter (or parameters) specified by the left side. The result of the expression becomes the result of the lambda operator and is returned. Here is the general form of an expression lambda that takes only one parameter: param => expr When more than one parameter is required, then the following form is used: (param-list) => expr Therefore, when two or more parameters are needed, they must be enclosed by parentheses. If no parameters are needed, then empty parentheses must be used. Here is a simple expression lambda: count => count + 2 Here count is the parameter that is acted on by the expression count + 2. Thus, the result is the value of count increased by two. Here is another example: n => n % 2 == 0 In this case, this expression returns true if n is even and false if it is odd. To use a lambda expression involves two steps. First, declare a delegate type that is compatible with the lambda expression. Second, declare an instance of the delegate, assigning to it the lambda expression. Once this has been done, the lambda expression can be executed by calling the delegate instance. The result of the lambda expression becomes the return value. The following program shows how to put the two expression lambdas just shown into action. It declares two delegate types. The first, called Incr, takes an int argument and returns an int result. The second, called IsEven, takes an int argument and returns a bool result. It then assigns the lambda expressions to instances of those delegates. Finally, it executes the lambda expressions through the delegate instances.
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Although C# s built-in exceptions handle most common errors, C# s exception-handling mechanism is not limited to these errors. In fact, part of the power of C# s approach to exceptions is its ability to handle exception types that you create. You can use custom exceptions to handle errors in your own code. Creating an exception is easy. Just define a class derived from Exception. Your derived classes don t need to actually implement anything it is their existence in the type system that allows you to use them as exceptions.
This lesion was found on the back of a 66-year-old man. 1. Remnants of the fingerprint pattern, milia-like cysts, and regression diagnose a chronic lichen planus-like keratosis. 2. Pigment network identifies a melanocytic lesion. 3. There is asymmetry of color and structure plus a multicomponent global pattern. 4. Irregular pigment network and widespread regression are the other melanoma-specific criteria. 5. Even though there is widespread regression, the presence of regular pigment network and the absence of pinpoint vessels rules out a melanoma.
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4. In the Object Manager docker list, click to select the ellipse. Notice that the ellipse
The following section covers the basic elements of North American frame formats D4 (SF) and D5 (ESF), as well as fractional T1.
The electrolyte provides a path for electron migration between electrodes and, in some cells, also participates in the chemical reaction. The electrolyte is usually a liquid (an acid, salt, or alkali added to water), but can be in jelly or paste form. In terms of chemistry, a battery is electrodes and electrolyte operating in a cell or container in accordance with certain chemical reactions. Figure 8-1 shows the chemistry of a very
have a more limited application. So, our focus is on sales representatives those who can earn and exceed a target incentive for sales performance.
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