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The addition of generics greatly expanded the Collections API, essentially doubling the amount of collection classes and interfaces. The generic collections are declared in the System.Collections.Generic namespace. In many cases, the generic collection classes are simply generic equivalents of the non-generic classes discussed earlier. However, the correspondence is not one-to-one. For example, there is a generic collection called LinkedList that implements a doubly linked list, but no non-generic equivalent. In some cases, parallel functionality exists between the generic and non-generic classes, but the names differ. For example, the generic version of ArrayList is called List, and the generic version of HashTable
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Examples of Disc Recording Applications
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Using Abstract Classes
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Complete the following steps to set the distributor properties. 1. Right-click the Replication Monitor folder and choose Distributor Properties. 2. On the Publication Databases tab, check the Trans box next to the database you want to replicate, as shown in Figure 4-1.
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The following list outlines the major requirements for becoming certified: Experience A CISA candidate must be able to submit verifiable evidence of five years experience, with a minimum of two years professional work experience in IS auditing, control, or security. Experience can be in any of the job content areas, but must be verified. For those with less than five years experience, experience substitution options are available. Ethics Candidates must commit to adhere to ISACA s Code of Professional Ethics, which guides the personal and professional conduct of those certified. Exam Candidates must receive a passing score on the CISA exam. Education Those certified must adhere to the CISA Continuing Education Policy, which requires a minimum of 20 continuing professional education (CPE) hours each year, with a total requirement of 120 CPEs over the course of the certification period (three years). Standards Those certified agree to abide by IS auditing standards and minimum guidelines for performing IS audits. Application After successfully passing the exam, meeting the experience requirements, and having read through the Code of Professional Ethics, a candidate is ready to apply for certification.
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Instantaneous Power
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Use DM when you have lots of bandwidth, and most people need to see a multicast stream or streams. With DM, the network floods with the multicast streams; then, using IGMP, the multicast routers learn which devices don t wish to receive a stream and prune back the flooding. Use SM when you re concerned about bandwidth usage and only want multicast traffic traversing your network when people have a need to see it. With SM, no flooding initially takes place. Instead, IGMP is used to learn which devices want to receive multicast streams, and then the streams are intelligently routed down to these segments. SM requires the use of a rendezvous point (RP), which is a multicast router responsible for disseminating and routing the multicast streams. You can have more than one RP to split up the forwarding of the multicast streams in order to reduce the multicast load on the RP: different RPs can be responsible for different multicast streams. NOTE You can actually use both DM and SM modes in a network: some streams can be routed using dense mode and some using sparse mode.
1. Which devices cannot solve collision problems A. B. C. D. Hubs Switches Switches and hubs Routers and hubs
20% 15% Income Producer Commission Rate (Percent of Sales Dollars) 10%
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the lowercase c works fine, as shown here. The user only needs to remember the initials of the place they work!
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to proper distribution. I know that the Jerky Boys, as an act, were unhappy about it, so they decided to re-release it. I was insistent about having an opportunity to freshen the project. Some time had expired and the bar had been raised as to what is cool and what is not cool on the Web. By adding the whole Web-aware component, we felt we had a way to make the project more evergreen. Does the extra content look seamless while you are online playing the CD Will it actually pull in new content automatically from the Web It will pull in new content and the primary attraction to the online component was contest driven. When you get to the main screen you have the opportunity to play what in essence is a needle-drop type of contest. You re delivered a sound clip via the Internet and you try to guess what track and what album it is from. The results are entered into a databasedriven Web page on the Jerky Boys site. They were pulling winners out of it weekly or monthly. We wanted to have some incentive built into it, in addition to the ability to deliver changing assets without having to reburn a disc. Is the new Enhanced CD on the market now It is out there. Sales are about a year old at this point, so it is certainly not setting any sales records at the moment. I believe it went gold which is half-a-million copies. The Jerky Boy themselves are a real interesting machine. From their discography, they sell somewhere in the vicinity of 5,000 to 10,000 units a week. It really is quite phenomenal how well prank phone calls can pay. We d like to think that we had a little to do with the sales of the most recent effort. Can you get into the mechanics of how you pulled all these components together and did the Web-enabled part Sure. As always, whenever you are talking Enhanced CDs, the primary consideration from the start of the project is real estate. By that I mean how much room you are going to have to work with on the CD-ROM after the audio portion is complete. The dif culty there is that you and the artist have some latitude in determining how many tracks are going to be included. We usually have to set a limit that might even be a false limit on the high side of the audio, just to ensure that we are not going to run out of room if they add a bonus track.
Combined objects
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