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This section covers design issues with ACLs that is, where you should place ACLs of a given type (standard or extended). In other words, given the source and destination that you are filtering, on what router and what interface on that router should you activate your ACL This section covers some of the important points you should consider when determining where to put your ACLs. First, don t go crazy with ACLs and create dozens and dozens of them across all of your routers. This makes testing and troubleshooting your filtering rules almost impossible. In a campus network, for example, ACL configuration and filtering is on the layer 3 switch or router at the distribution layer that connects a building or floor to the campus backbone. This model was discussed in 14: the core, distribution, and access layers. The second point is that you will want to limit the number of statements in your ACL. An ACL with hundreds of statements is almost impossible to test and troubleshoot. It s not unusual to see an ACL have a lot of unnecessary and overlapping commands that have been carried over from years past. As to where you should place your ACLs, the following two rules hold true in most situations:
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What is the difference between early onset and late onset Listeria infection
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Carrier Ethernet Attributes
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Nevus Seborrheic keratosis Basal cell carcinoma Vascular Dermatofibroma Squamous cell carcinoma Melanoma Other
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Explanation The . matches any single character. For example, d.g matches dog , dig , dug , and any word that contains those characters, like daggonnit . The () segregates characters from the surrounding characters, so that you can use other metacharacters on the subexpression. For example, d(o|i)g matches dog and dig , but do|ig matches do and ig . A subexpression can also be used with repeated quantifiers to differentiate the characters meant for repetition. For example, 12(34){3}5 matches 123434345 . The | matches either expression it separates. For example, dog|cat matches dog or cat . The indicates that there are 0 or 1 of the previous character. For example, ra ise matches on raise or rise . Note that you must enter Ctrl+V and then the question mark, or else the ASA CLI help function is performed instead. The * indicates that there are 0, 1, or any number of the previous character. For example, mo*se matches on mse , mose , moose , and so on. Continues...
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Service multiplexing provides the ability for a UNI (a physical interface) to support multiple EVCs and precludes the need for a separate physical interface to support each EVC. As illustrated in Figure 2.9, there are multiple EVCs between UNI A and other UNIs in a network (assume that UNI A is at a higher bandwidth physical interface than the other UNIs). By service multiplexing at UNI A, multiple EVCs can be accommodated without needing multiple physical interfaces at UNI A. Service multiplexing reduces the CAPEX associated with deploying services because it reduces the physical equipment costs. One or fewer physical interfaces are required instead of many; likewise, this reduces the amount of ancillary equipment needed, such as cables. It also reduces the OPEX by enabling quick and remote provisioning of new services. The bundling service attribute allows two or more CE VLAN IDs to be mapped to a single EVC at a UNI. These VLANs and the mapping specifics (i.e., which
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1. Using the Smart Drawing Tool, sketch the shape of a trapezoid (refer to Figure 9-1;
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Microsoft also offers HealthVault Search, a vertical health search tool designed to work with the platform. Integrated with Live Search and accessible on the HealthVault web site, this health-specific search engine organizes the most relevant online health content, allowing people to refine searches faster and with more accuracy, and eventually connect them with HealthVault-compatible solutions.
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Refer to Figure 2.3 for the graph of the function. It would be incorrect to simply plug the value 7 into the function h and thereby to conclude that the limit is 1. In fact when x is near to 7 but unequal to 7, we see that h takes the value 3. This statement is true no matter how close x is to 7. We conclude that limx 7 h( x) = 3.
Figure 6-4 Ligaments of the female pelvis.
5: Gynecologic Oncology
quantity of heat in calories (mass of water)(change of temperature)(specific heat of water), where the specific heat of water is 1 cal/(g C). You can then calculate the quantity of heat released per gram of candle wax and multiply by the molar mass of candle wax to obtain the heat of combustion ( Hcomb) in kJ/mol.
AS A MATTER OF FACT Don t use the flash if you re shooting through glass. The glass will reflect the light, and instead of the nightlights of Paris, you ll have one enormous circle of light. Don t use the flash if you re trying to capture TV, movie, fireworks, or computer screens. Those three media supply their own light, and your flash won t help a bit.
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