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Fig. 8.4
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The View Navigator steers you in the right direction for precise editing in very tight views.
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To improve your understanding o f M - N relationships, y o u should know an important equivalence for M - N relationships. A n M - N relationship can be replaced by an associative entity type and two identifying 1-M relationships. Figure 5.18 shows the Enrollsln ships and an associative entity type replace the Enrollsln name (Enrollsln) has been changed to a noun (Enrollment) (Fig ure 5.10) relationship converted to this 1-M style. In Figure 5.18, two identifying relation relationship. The relationship to follow the convention o f
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Advanced Objects
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22 bits. Notice the subnet mask for this summarization: This mask, along with the beginning network,, includes addresses from to, which are behind this router.
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Examine the network shown in Figure 4-6. The following configuration illustrates how to set up the appliance as an SMR:
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As mentioned, OSPF is a link state protocol like that generically described in 15. However, each link state protocol, such as OSPF and IS-IS, has its own unique features and characteristics. This section introduces you to how OSPF operates in a single-area design.
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You will notice that this listing gives a range from large objects to small objects. This is the object hierarchy in Excel (and this hierarchy is called the object model in Excel, just to add to the arcania of your Excel knowledge). There are 128 objects in Excel. Don t worry. You need to know just a handful to start finding your way around VBA.
Miscellaneous C++ Topics
Enclosing character constants in single quotes works for most printing characters, but a few characters, such as the carriage return, pose a special problem when a text editor is used. In addition, certain other characters, such as single and double quotes, have special meaning in C#, so you cannot use them directly. For these reasons, C# provides special escape sequences, shown in Table 2-2. These sequences are used in place of the characters that they represent. For example, this assigns ch the tab character:
Network Discovery
When using the TPL, there are two basic ways in which you can add parallelism to a program. The first is called data parallelism. With this approach, one operation on a collection of data is broken into two or more concurrent threads of execution, each operating on a portion of the data. For example, if a transformation is applied to each element in an array, then through the use of data parallelism, it is possible for two or more threads to be operating on different ranges of the array concurrently. As you can imagine, such parallel actions could result in substantial increases in speed over a strictly sequential approach. Although data parallelism has always been possible by using the Thread class, it was difficult and time-consuming to construct scalable solutions. The TPL changes this. With the TPL, scalable data parallelism is easy to add to your program. The second way to add parallelism is through the use of task parallelism. This approach executes two or more operations concurrently. Thus, task parallelism is the type of parallelism that has been accomplished in the past via the Thread class. The advantages that the TPL adds are ease-of-use and the ability to automatically scale execution to multiple processors.
One other point: When the ! operator is applied to a bool value that is null, the outcome is null.
Just when you think you ve typed it perfectly, you may find you ve made a mistake, rendering everyone s universe unusable!
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