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Simple troubleshooting In-depth troubleshooting Performance monitoring Established network technologies Newly emerging technologies
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// A simple map demonstration. #include <iostream> #include <map> using namespace std; int main() { map<char, int> m; int i; // put pairs into map for(i=0; i<10; i++) { m.insert(pair<char, int>('A'+i, i)); } char ch; cout << "Enter key: "; cin >> ch; map<char, int>::iterator p; // find value given key p = m.find(ch); if(p != m.end()) cout << p->second; else cout << "Key not in map.\n"; return 0; }
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Deciding on the KPIs to track can be a bit tricky because end users often get locked into a certain way of thinking. As a real world example, I worked with a business owner who paged through a monthly report that was about 400 pages long. The owner would look at each account and try to find large decreases between their current purchases and those in the past several months. He d flag those customers and then have the salespeople check on the customers to determine if there was a problem, and if so, the company would work on correcting that problem. Naturally, this approach took quite a long time and the solution seemed simple enough. I suggested a single page report, showing all customers whose purchases in the current month had dropped by more than 20 percent over the average of their purchases in the three previous months. The business owner thought for a moment and admitted that, yes such a report would indeed be useful and save time. This is an example of dollar sales being used when what the business owner really wanted was the percentage growth in the account. Large drops would then be readily identifiable. This new measure would work very well as a key performance indicator, although in this case it would be more meaningful when looking at an individual customer than the entire organization, but it would still work when looking at the sum of all customers to know if overall orders were better or worse than the previous three months. Therefore, one strategy for identifying KPIs is to examine what people do with the data they have. Looking at the data they get is simple enough, but what do they actually do with it Do the users enter the information into a spreadsheet and perform some form or analysis Do they calculate moving averages, lead and lag times, marginal costs, turnover ratios, and more If so, the analysis that the end users perform is a good place to look for KPIs. Another excellent source of KPIs is to look at business decision makers and find out what metrics factor into their bonuses. At almost all companies, upper management has targets to hit in certain areas in order to ensure their bonuses. Rest assured that those are the most important numbers to those managers and they will be tracked carefully. Providing a way for upper management to monitor those values quickly and easily will provide a tremendous win for the business intelligence project because it provides upper management with an easy and effective way to monitor their business. Realize that there may be many KPIs and that the set of KPIs viewed may be completely different based on the user. While there is normally a set of KPIs developed for the organization as a whole, and these KPIs represent the entire business, many more KPIs can be created that focus on more narrow aspects of the business. A company-wide KPI might measure a goal to keep employee turnover
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Output Codes for the ping Commands
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As you read the following four coaching techniques, it can be helpful to think about several Ones you know and how you might use the techniques with those individuals. Although all Ones have striking similarities, they are also very different based on factors such as self-mastery level, empathy, use of wings and arrows, subtype, experience, age, gender, and culture. In particular, self-preservation subtype Ones display far more anxiety and worry about making sure everything is under control and working right. As a result, developers who coach Ones of this subtype need to help them become more aware of this nervousness and concern, how it functions in their lives, and what they can do to relieve some of this pressure on themselves.
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Variables that are declared inside a function are called local variables. In some literature, these variables may be referred to as automatic variables in keeping with the use of the (optional) keyword auto that can be used to declare them. Since the term local variable is more commonly used, this guide will continue to use it. Local variables can be referenced only by statements that are inside the block in which the variables are declared. Stated another way, local variables are not known outside their own code block. You should remember that a block of code is begun when an opening curly brace is encountered and terminated when a closing curly brace is found. One of the most important things to understand about local variables is that they exist only while the block of code in which they are declared is executing. That is, a local variable is created upon entry into its block and destroyed upon exit. The most common code block in which local variables are declared is the function. For example, consider these two functions:
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12.4.7 Hydraulic Countermeasures
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Legend: S M E/O Subscriber Multiplexer Electrical to optical converter S
cout << "Liters: " << liters;
Applying a mesh fill immediately converts the object to a mesh object by converting it to curves. While a mesh fill is applied, the various parts can be manipulated and edited, often dramatically altering the appearance of the object. Figure 17-12 shows the various parts of a mesh fill. Mesh fill effects may be applied only to single-path objects, meaning compound objects are not eligible for this type of fill.
wonderful catch-lights in the cat s eyes.
in series with the 50-ohm microstrip transmission line, or placed between other distributed or lumped components.
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Fiber is used to connect devices between buildings or across long distances.
Figure 7.8 A level 7 mixer s IMD generation at various LO levels and two-tone input powers.
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