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Product Costs for a Whole-Home Automation Project
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Techniques for Improving Sensor Input
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were developed as full-scale mock-ups at the construction site. The model with which the master builder had communicated the design intent to the owner became the basis for the contract for construction and also could be used to develop and refine the details of the construction process. This process worked well as long as the master builder with the responsibility also had the authority to run the project as the representative of the owner. It limited the speed, size, and scope of projects to just what the master builder could handle personally; and this also meant that when a master builder needed to be replaced, the project could easily enter a crisis period. The advantage of this method, however, was that there was one person to solve problems and address the issues right there on the job, one person who had all the information. As projects became larger and more complex, the master builder required more time to figure things out in the office. Drawings (two-dimensional representations) began to be used as a means to communicate design intent and detailed construction information to the work force. Following the Renaissance period (around the year 1400CE), more and more construction projects were planned and drawn in an office that was generally removed from the construction site. These drawings became the primary means to communicate the building information to the persons constructing the project in the field. The most significant change was the removal of the master builder from the construction site, and the resulting need for an on-site superintendent to run the job from day to day. This split of the master builder s role into two new roles increased the necessity for reliable communication. This change in project management has had a very large impact on the evolution of the construction industry. The person who conceived and developed the plans for the construction project now had to communicate his or her understanding to another individual (the building contractor) whose task it was to ensure that these plans correctly materialized into a project. The traditional single owner master builder relationship became a more complex threefold relationship among the owner, the architect, and the building contractor. The evolution of this process resulted in construction documents, as we know them today. The drawn representations of projects became more sophisticated, as the role of the designer evolved separately from the role of the building contractor. The instructions for the construction of a building were increasingly communicated by paper documents. This method of communication led to unanswered questions and unanticipated situations in the field, since the person who had developed the project drawings did not work on-site, ready to address these issues. As the architect s role evolved more and more in the design direction, she or he became less hands on than during the master builder period. Various specialty fields also developed alongside architecture, i.e., structural, mechanical, and geotechnical engineering. The building contractor organized the entire workforce, acquired all materials, and performed the actual construction. The increasing scope of construction projects led to the development of the various professional disciplines necessary to handle this complexity. Even though the single master builder soon lost relevance in building construction, the need for a single overall project
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7.8.8 Alternates for Bearings
Follow these steps for an introduction to working with Color Styles.
2 Select an RTP port and connect Call Agent
What are the most significant complications of septic pelvic thrombophlebitis
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