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4. Pier vulnerability due to exure failure at column reinforcement splices: (CVR between 0 and 10) CVR 7 for A 0.4 CVR 10 for A 0.4 (when micro zoning is considered) For piers with unknown reinforcement: Q 7 for pier height 23 ft. Q 10 for pier height > 23 ft. 5. Column vulnerability due to foundation de ciencies (for single column bents on piles): CVR 5 for 0.4 A CVR 10 for 0.5 A Abutment vulnerability, AVR: Abutment failure is linked indirectly with settlement of approach ll such as for spill through abutments and those without wingwalls. AVR 0 if bridge is classi ed as SPC B. AVR 5 if ll 6 inch. AVR 5 if bridge is classi ed as SPC D. 6. Liquefaction vulnerability rating, LVR: Bridges with discontinuous superstructure and non-ductile supporting members have a higher vulnerability than continuous superstructures. LVR 10 for bridges subjected to severe liquefaction. LVR 5 for bridges subjected to moderate liquefaction. LVR 0 for bridges subjected to low liquefaction. 7. Bridge types which are exempt from ranking process (no remedial action is required): Bridge designed to seismic standards. Bridge has SPC A and is not a critical facility. For bridge with SPC B, only vulnerability rating for restrainers, support lengths, and LVR for certain sites is required. For bridge with SPC C or D, in addition to vulnerability rating for restrainers, support lengths, and LVR for certain sites, a vulnerability rating for column, abutment, and foundation is required. If the V1 value is determined from a high bearing vulnerability, only the bearings need to be retro tted. If V1 V2, other components would also need retro t. 8. Seismic hazard rating, E: E 1.5 A S < 10
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hapter 25 introduced you to wide area networking and point-to-point connections using High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC) and Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) for a data link layer encapsulation. These protocols are common with leased lines and circuitswitched connections. This chapter introduces you to the second WAN topic: Frame Relay. Frame Relay is a data link layer packet-switching protocol that uses digital circuits to transmit data and thus is virtually error-free. Therefore, it performs only error detection it leaves error correction to an upper layer protocol, such as TCP or the application itself. Frame Relay is actually a group of separate standards, including those from ITU-T and ANSI. Interestingly enough, Frame Relay defines only the interaction between the Frame Relay customer premises equipment (CPE) and the Frame Relay carrier switch. The connection across the carrier s network is not defined by the Frame Relay standards. Most carriers, however, use Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) as a transport to move Frame Relay frames between different sites.
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Corel PowerTRACE is available with CorelDRAW for tracing bitmap characters to vector format.
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*Projection is imagining that someone else is thinking, feeling, or doing something that is actually true of oneself.
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Prior to Hotfix Rollups 1 and 2, users may have encountered issues when attempting to copy files to mapped network drives. Specifically, data-consistency checks would occasionally fail because the buffering mechanism reported false data and generated an error message. As a result, the copy failed. This has been corrected, and the error messages no longer occur. Several other minor functionality problems are addressed by these hotfix rollups. For a complete list, visit the Citrix Knowledge Base (#CTX116289). An important thing to note regarding hotfixes and patches is that most of the code changes released by Citrix are discussed on the Citrix support forums. If you encounter repeated problems or need technical assistance, the support forums are an excellent venue for interacting directly with Citrix and working on specific solutions in the rare event that there is a problem with the actual code.
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Greatest efficacy; quickest Invasive; procedural/ evacuation anesthesia risks Less invasive; avoids anesRequires more than two thesia; patient can do it in visits; less quick the privacy of her own home Least invasive Timing is unpredictable; risk of needing an unplanned procedure Because after several weeks-months, the trophoblastic tissue might enter the maternal bloodstream, triggering the coagulation cascade and causing a coagulopathy Type and screen (because Rh immunoglobulin must be given to Rh[_] women) Typically no, and so all women need to be reassured that it is not their fault No. These are fairly common and are often sporadic Three or more consecutive losses of pregnancy prior to 20 weeks Approximately 0.5 1% After one prior loss: 10 20% After two consecutive losses: 25 45% A complete medical, surgical, genetic, and family history A physical examination with attention to signs of endocrinopathies or pelvic organ anomalies Laboratory evaluation including: uterine assessment (sonohysterography) Anticardiolipin antibodies and lupus anticoagulant Evaluation of ovarian reserve Possibly other tests (e.g., an evaluation for inherited thrombophilias, thyroid function tests [TFTs], and a karyotype)
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Where does menopause-associated osteoporosis typically begin What is the rate of bone loss associated with osteoporosis
Arranging and Organizing Objects
5: IT Service Delivery and Infrastructure
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