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Figure 8.1 shows, in simpli ed form, how an inverter transforms DC battery power into AC power. S1, S2, and S3 are all solid-state transistors, which act as fast switches.
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n 10 we moved the model into a working state and a set of output sheets that looked pretty nice. This chapter goes over the creation of the third important output: the cash flow statement.
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The force between two electrostatic charges is defined by Coulomb s law. F = ke q1 q2 r2 (6-1) qr code reader free
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To understand how panel orientation affects the output of a photovoltaic system, we must consider how the sun moves through the sky, both throughout the day and with the seasons. Figure 11.5 shows the track of the sun over a boat located at latitude 24 N (southern Florida) at the spring and fall equinoxes (March 21 and September 21), and the summer and winter solstices (June 21 and December 21). On June 21, the sun reaches its highest noon elevation, 90 . On December 21, the sun reaches its lowest noon elevation, 43 . Further, the sun is above the horizon approximately 16 hours in June but only 8 hours in December. We would, therefore, expect a lot less solar input in December than in June. Panel output ratings assume full sunlight with the sun s rays normal (perpendicular) to the panel surface. Panels in large utility solar farms are mounted on frames that continuously track the sun s orbit for maximum output. What can we do about orientation on a boat You re obviously not going to install a tracking mechanism, and most people would get tired of adjusting panel orientation three or four times a day. So the question is: what xed tilt is best Figure 11.6 compares the solar radiation on a horizontal surface (tilt = 0 ) and surfaces tilted to the south at the latitude angle, for latitudes 24 N (Miami) and 40 N (New York), on both the longest (June 21) and shortest (December 21) days. On June 21, if we are both smart and mobile, we will be at, or around, latitude 40 N. Figure 11.6 shows that a horizontal panel will collect 119% of the radiation collected by a xed panel tilted south at 40 . On December 21 we hope to be in the neighborhood of Miami, where our horizontal panel will collect 72% as much radiation as a xed panel tilted south at 24 . Thus we see, averaged over the year, a horizontal panel will perform as well as a xed, south-tilted panel. But, you say, if I were at a dock, I could tilt my panels toward the noon sun. But if you were at a dock, you wouldn t need photovoltaic panels. Further, if you were on a mooring or anchor, your boat would swing without regard for the position of the sun. Any xed orientation you selected might be perfectly right at one moment but perfectly wrong an hour later. There is only one orientation that doesn t change as a boat swings: horizontal (facing straight up). To show the effect of compass direction, Figure 11.7 compares the solar radiation on horizontal panels and vertical panels facing north, east, south, and west. Although vertical east and west panels collect signi cant amounts of radiation in morning and afternoon respectively, both collect for only half a day, so their total collection is small. Conclusion: the only practical solar panel orientation on a cruising boat is horizontal.
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Related Functions
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PPP Flag Address Control Protocol Data FCS Flag
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Figure 6-2.
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Completing a detailed assessment of the remote office networks and environments enables much better planning and, consequently, a much smoother implementation. A good tool for this is a site survey. You can assess the infrastructure, the number of users, equipment, and any other special needs in the survey. As we will discuss later in the chapter, you will have several teams available for doing field deployments. During the inevitable periods when the team members are not in the field due to scheduling, have them perform the surveys. NOTE: You may already have a tool in place, such as Microsoft s SMS or Enteo s NetInstall Server, that is capable of doing hardware inventory across the WAN. This is useful but is not a substitute for a site survey. Use the polling results from these programs during the survey as part of the discussion with the people onsite, but don t treat these results as gospel. Not all hardware you are interested in will respond to a poll, and you need to be as accurate as possible.
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Figure 5-19
Connection orientation This involves the establishment of a persistent logical connection between two stations. This is particularly useful when a station is communicating on many simultaneous conversations from one or more source stations. When a connection is established, the two stations will negotiate and agree on arbitrary high-numbered ports (channels) that will make each established connection unique. Order of delivery Here, the order of delivery of packets is guaranteed to match the order in which they were sent. While the order of delivery may be a bygone conclusion in a small local area network, this is important in large internetworks, especially where there may be more than one active route between two stations. Flow control This means that the delivery of packets from one station to another will not overrun the destination station. For example, the transfer of a large file from a faster system to a slower system could overrun the slower system, unless it had a way to periodically pause the transfer so that it could keep up with the inbound messages. Port number Here, a message on one station may be sent to a specific port number on a destination station. A port number essentially signifies the type of message that is being sent. A listener program can be set up on a destination system to listen on a preassigned port, and then will process messages received on that port number. The primary advantage of port numbers is that a destination system does not need to examine the contents of a message in order to discern its type; instead, the port number defines the purpose. There are many standard port numbers established, including 23 = telnet, 25 = e-mail, 53 = domain name service, 80 = http, and so on. It should be noted that not all transport layer protocols utilize all of these features. For instance, the UDP protocol utilizes only flow control but none of the other features listed. TCP/IP Application Layer The application layer is the topmost layer of the TCP/IP model. This layer interfaces directly with applications and application services. The application layer receives services from the transport layer and may communicate directly with end users. Application layer programs include DNS, SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), NTP (Network Time Protocol), SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol), Gopher, HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), X.400, X.500, NFS (Network File System), FTP, and TELNET. The TCP/IP and OSI Models The TCP/IP model was not designed to conform to the seven-layer OSI network model. However, the models are similar in their use of encapsulation and abstraction, and some layers between the two models are similar. Figure 5-12 shows the TCP/IP and OSI models side by side and how the layers in one model correspond to the other.
By now, you ve discovered from this chapter that nurturing your self-esteem and your self-image requires much more than just repeating selected mantras to yourself on a daily basis. Ultimately developing your self-worth requires self-work, and that means working to accord yourself the same respect, generosity, and consideration that you would give anyone else that you love. As you move closer to True North, you will begin defining the world in your own terms and making more and more intelligent choices. It is my hope that this week s lessons will help guide you in this process.
Typical Deployment Scenarios This portion of the chapter helps illustrate how common Ethernet E-LINE and E-LAN services are offered over this solution. It also identifies any additional solutions that are required to provide these services (for example if a specific solution can only be used for E-LINE services, what would be required to offer E-LAN services). Ongoing Developments Here, we identify the areas where the standards bodies (such as IEEE, IETF, MEF, ITU et al.) and other forums are focused with respect to
Router# show frame-relay lmi LMI Statistics for interface Serial0 (Frame Relay DTE) LMI TYPE = ANSI Invalid Unnumbered info 0 Invalid Prot Disc 0 Invalid dummy Call Ref 0 Invalid Msg Type 0 Invalid Status Message 0 Invalid Lock Shift 0 Invalid Information ID 0 Invalid Report IE Len 0 Invalid Report Request 0 Invalid Keep IE Len 0 Num Status Enq. Sent 12 Num Status msgs Rcvd 12 Num Update Status Rcvd 2 Num Status Timeouts 2
2 |S21|2 (1 | S|2) (1 L| ) * * S11 S) (1 S22 L) S 12 S 21 * L
You might have noticed how the curves and shading are applied with the Use Color Shading option. Smooth curves and shading require complex calculations and produce a large number of extrude group objects to maintain curve smoothness. The smoother the curve and shading, the better the display and print quality. When CorelDRAW X4 creates an extrusion, the smoothness of curves and the number of objects used to create shaded extrusion fills are controlled by a value called a facet. Facet size can be increased or decreased to control curve smoothing and object count. This is what Facet Size is and does, so right now would be a good time to reveal where this option is located!
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