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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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Not everybody is into the cloud for the same reasons. It is clear that Google and Microsoft (and most other providers, to be honest) are trying to make a buck. But not everyone is. In fact, a couple of interesting partnerships are showing how the cloud can be used without seeing money change hands (at least not yet).
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Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach
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Restoration Testing The organization should occasionally test backup media and data restoration software to make sure that data is actually being backed up onto the backup media and that it can be retrieved. I personally know of at least one organization that believed it was backing up its databases every day until it needed to restore one, only to find out that nothing was ever being written to the backup media. Clearly the organization was not testing its backup system. Restoration tests should be scheduled and their results recorded. Media Inventory A periodic inventory of all backup media, including media at the off-site location, should be performed. This will ensure that all media volumes are being handled properly and that none have been lost or misplaced. The results of each inventory should be recorded and any anomalies corrected.
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Birds Over the Phone: Understanding Video Compression
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Figure 11 - 4
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Strings and Formatting
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a game turns out to be a dog, it ll sit there taking up shelf space that some other, more lucrative, product might be using. Retailers expect that the publisher or distributor will spend a certain amount to market the game, and they may insist on some evidence of it before making a purchase. When a retailer is ordering copies of a game, they don t just want to know how cool it is, but also how much money the publisher is planning to put into TV and magazine advertising. Retailers work with the publishers in other ways besides simply purchasing their games. The publishers often supply posters, fliers, stand-up displays, and other store decorations to the retailers free of charge. They may pay the retailer money to guarantee that their products are on the shelves at eye-level, not down near the floor. Publishers will also help pay for the retailer s newspaper ads and mass-mailings if their games are featured prominently. These kinds of deals are known as co-marketing arrangements. Unlike an ordinary consumer purchase, where the deal is pretty much take it or leave it, retailers and wholesalers business dealings are infinitely variable. The bigger the retailer is, the more likely they are to win concessions from the publishers. There are, very roughly, three kinds of retailer: mail-order vendors, general merchandise stores, and software stores.
Some performance primitives, such as BPV and parity errors, are corrected by regenerators or line terminal equipment before the signal is passed on to the next section. Errors detected by these primitives can have occurred only in the previous line section and not elsewhere in the network. They are useful for sectionalizing problems but cannot be used for assessing overall service performance. To measure overall path layer performance, it is necessary to use an error-detection process that will pass through the various network hierarchy and technology sections transparently. Two such primitives have been devised: ESF CRC-6 and C-bit parity.
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