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The C# Language
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// Use MethodImplAttribute to synchronize a method. using System; using System.Threading; using System.Runtime.CompilerServices; // Rewrite of TickTock to use MethodImplOptions.Synchronized. class TickTock { /* The following attribute synchronizes the entire Tick() method. */ [MethodImplAttribute(MethodImplOptions.Synchronized)] public void Tick(bool running) { if(!running) { // stop the clock Monitor.Pulse(this); // notify any waiting threads return; } Console.Write("Tick "); Monitor.Pulse(this); // let Tock() run Monitor.Wait(this); // wait for Tock() to complete }
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3.4.1 Synchronous TDM
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=Max([Revenue]) In ([Year])
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Enter inventory information Display the inventory Modifiy a specific item
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Figure 3.11 The impact of engineering decision on bridge users: A cartoon shows a family in Karachi offering prayers before crossing a bridge. The public is cautiously aware of bridge safety conditions.
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Therefore, the dimensions a and b of the ellipse depend on the shape, applied force, and material properties of the two contacting bodies. Next, let us consider two cylinders of in nite length in contact. For two long elastic cylinders having radii r1 and r2 aligned so that their axes are parallel (Fig. 9.2), the elliptical boundary of contact degenerates into parallel lines. The contact area thus becomes a rectangle of in nite length (in practice, the length of the cylinder) and of width 2b given by 16 P r 2b = pE
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Description Calculates load based on a moving average of total CPU utilization across all processors in the server. Calculates load based on virtual and physical memory currently in use. Calculates load based on CPU Context switches.
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Boson NetSim LE datamatrix generator
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The key objective for production testing is a high throughput of tested network elements. In this phase of the life cycle the network elements usually are measured at a lower testing level than that performed in the QA or verification cycle. In general this testing looks for manufacturing defects, and it usually is sufficient for the tests to exercise all the network element s circuits without specifically testing the total functionality. The required feature set of the analyzer usually is limited. It often is sufficient to perform simple soak -type alarm tests and simple BER tests using PRBS in the synchronous data stream. Though rigor is not as large a factor as with conformance testing, here rapid throughput with consistent results also demands automated testing. A typical automated test stand is shown in Figure 30.12. Note that it includes not only a synchronous analyzer, but switches, oscilloscopes, voltmeters, and a PC controller to drive the automated tests. Most of the time (hence money) needed to produce an automated test station is spent writing the tests, so the ease with which the analyzer can be programmed is of paramount importance. In addition, now it often is not sufficient that an analyzer can be remotely programmed (via RS232, HPIB, etc.); it is sometimes advantageous that the analyzer have drivers that can be used by a programming language such as HP VEE, or National s Labview. Form factor also can be important in some cases, particularly where production space is limited. These test stands represent a large investment in both time and money; therefore it is important that the instruments can be upgraded as standards change. This is particularly relevant for the synchronous analyzer, because both SONET and SDH standards are still (slowly) evolving.
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Only one context can be the administrative context.
so that a registered type can be imported into a project. Add to Repository lets you create templates to add into the repository. View Source brings the source code window to the forefront. Edit Option Source lets you display/edit the project options file (.bpr) file for the current project. This file is shown in XML format. It is recommended that this file not be edited directly. The Export Makefile option creates a makefile for the current project. This makefile can then be used at the command line. The next section of the Project menu deals with adding and modifying existing projects. There are two items here. Add New Project lets you create a new project of your choosing, and Add Existing Project loads an existing project. The third section deals with compiling and building projects. Compile Unit compiles the code that is in the active window. Make Project compiles and links the current project, but only the items that have changed since the last build or make. Build Project rebuilds the entire project regardless of whether the files or forms have changed. The Information for option shows the program compilation and status of your project. The next section is for making or building all the projects that are opened. There are two options here, Make All Projects and Build All Projects. The make all and build all options work the same as those for making and building the current project, except that these work on all the projects, not just the current one.
cout << Q1.sloc;
An Introduction to Synchronous Signals and Networks 292 Wide Area Networks
Find Text dialog box
Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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