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The #undef directive is used to remove a previously defined definition of a macro name. The general form is #undef macro-name Consider this example:
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Why is an ELISA or Western blot repeated at 6 months and 1 year following delivery of an infant to an HIV+ mother
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Cisco ASA Configuration
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FloodStop System I washing machine shutoff valve (Photo courtesy
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Hypatia is viewing a ten-foot-long tapestry that is hung lengthwise on a wall. The bottom end of the tapestry is two feet above her eye level. At what distance should she stand from the tapestry in order to obtain the most favorable view
Oscillator Design
Emerging Standards
that format by changing the Format property of the subtotal, but in most cases businesses will want the same format as the data it is totaling. The reports shown in Figure 10-7 and Figure 10-8 are static, meaning that they do not contain interactivity. For example, users cannot see the data at the quarter level for each year, nor can they expand countries into the states or provinces that make up those countries. Adding such interactivity to the report is examined next.
Shooting digital photos indoors with the same settings you d use for outdoor shots causes color changes. Pictures look too orange (warm) or blue (cool) because indoor lights are different from sunlight, even if our eyes and brain gang up to convince us they re the same. White balance is a remedy for photos that otherwise would have a yellow or bluish cast because they were shot in incandescent or fluorescent light, such as the photo on the left in Figure 3-12. To make your photos look more like the picture on the right, use your camera s white balance control, identified with a label such as WB or WHT BAL. On some cameras, the selection is made via the onscreen menu.
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