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For clarity we take ( x) = sin x, ( x) = cos x. Then the integral becomes ( x) dx = ln | ( x) | + C . ( x) Resubstituting the expression for yields the solution: cot x dx = ln | sin x| + C .
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of an MPEG video encoder. It provides a constraint on the variability of the data rate that an encoder can produce. VC-1 VC-1 is a video compression standard used in BD. It was developed by Microsoft and standardized by SMPTE. VCD Video Compact Disc. Near-VHS-quality MPEG-1 video on CD. Used primarily in Asia. verification The process of ensuring that something built is in compliance with a specification. The BDA and the DVD Forum define verification processes and requirements carried out by verification labs. There are also software tools for specification verification of discs. VFS Virtual file system. A mechanism of BD that combines downloaded content in local storage with content from the optical disc, allowing files on the disc to be supplemented with or superseded by files in Local Storage. VfW See Video for Windows. Not to be confused with Veterans of Foreign Wars, a fine organization composed of persons who occasionally experience wetware problems when operating a VCR, DVD player, or computer. VGA (Video Graphics Array) A standard analog monitor interface for computers. It is also a video graphics resolution of 640 480 pixels. VHS Video Home System. The most popular system of videotape for home use. Developed by JVC. Video CD A CD extension based on MPEG-1 video and audio that enables the playback of near-VHSquality video on a Video CD player, CD-i player, or computer with MPEG decoding capability. Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG) An ITU-T group that has been very instrumental in developing modern video coding mechanisms. Video for Windows The system software additions used for motion video playback in Microsoft Windows. Replaced in newer versions of Windows by DirectShow (formerly called ActiveMovie). videophile Someone with an avid interest in watching videos or in making video recordings. Videophiles are often very particular about audio quality, picture quality, and aspect ratio to the point of snobbishness. Videophiles never admit to a wetware failure. VLC Variable-length coding. See Huffman coding. volume A logical unit representing all the data on one side of a disc. VSDA Video Software Dealers Association. WAEA World Airline Entertainment Association. Discs produced for use in airplanes contain extra information in a WAEA directory. The in-flight entertainment working group of the WAEA petitioned the DVD Forum to assign region 8 to discs intended for in-flight use. watermark Information hidden as invisible noise or inaudible noise in a video or audio signal. wetware see user. White Book The document from Sony, Philips, and JVC begun in 1993 that extended the Red Book CD format to include digital video in MPEG-1 format. It is commonly called Video CD. widescreen A video image wider than the standard 1.33 (4:3) aspect ratio. When referring to BD, DVD, or HDTV, widescreen usually indicates a 1.78 (16:9) aspect ratio. window A usually rectangular section within an entire screen or picture. Windows See Microsoft Windows.
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Answers: 2,4,5
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// A base class reference can refer to a derived class object. using System; class X { public int a; public X(int i) { a = i; } }
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The Pick Tool directly modifies Artistic Text.
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A New Jersey company, Axion International Holdings, of Basking Ridge, NJ, has developed a system in conjunction with researchers at Rutgers University to make bridges from recycled materials that are strong enough to support a U.S. Army tank. The engineers constructed a pair of bridges made entirely from recycled plastic products at Fort Bragg, N.C., and had M1 Abrams tanks driven across the spans. The M1 Abrams, manufactured by General Dynamics, weighs nearly 70 tons, making it too heavy for the vehicle to use most standard bridges and roads. The tests indicated the structures held up well under both moving and static weight loads and withstood stresses caused when the M1 operator applied the vehicle brakes while on the bridge. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Website states that its construction engineering research laboratory was involved in the design and building of the test structures. The new bridges can be made entirely from recycled consumer and industrial plastics. The two test thermoplastic spans were made from more than 170,000 pounds (said to be the equivalent of more than 1.1 million 1-gallon milk jugs of recycled plastic). The structures are less expensive to build than traditional wood timber bridges often used on U.S. military bases. Advantages of recycled structural plastic lumber bridges are speed of installation, reduced costs for construction and maintenance, and eco-friendliness.
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Figure 6-4
int count = null; if(count.HasValue) Console.WriteLine("count has this value: " + count.Value); else Console.WriteLine("count has no value"); count = 100; if(count.HasValue) Console.WriteLine("count has this value: " + count.Value); else Console.WriteLine("count has no value"); } }
The academic scene is growing rapidly. If this area is of special interest to you, be sure to check out the IGDA s Education Committee (visit and then select the Academia button on the menu) and the Academic Summit at the Game Developers Conference. The SIGGRAPH and American Association for Artificial Intelligence organizations, both of which include a large academic contingent, are also starting to pay attention to game development.
Table 21-4.
Figure 10-1 Jim Har ris 1987 F ord Ranger EV con version.
1. Look back at past problems on the network and view the conversations at that time.
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