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to worry about the security of numerous servers and clients. Of course, the chance that the cloud would be breached puts all the data at risk, but if you are mindful of security and keep up on it, you only have to worry about one location, rather than several.
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In some cases, optional arguments can provide an alternative to method overloading. To understand why, again consider the OptArgMeth( ) method just shown. Prior to the addition of optional arguments to C#, you would need to create three different versions of OptArgMeth( ) to achieve the same functionality as the one version shown earlier. These versions would have the following declarations:
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System defines the following delegates:
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Main contactor single pole.
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11.4.3 Use of Recycled Glass
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Exploring the C# Library
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The Charger and Electrical System
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Figure 8.2 As each frame is launched into the frame relay network, it is assigned a Data Link Connection
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1 = t2 2
to less than 15 percent a year. A narrower KPI such as the percentage of defective products produced might be of great interest to the vice president of manufacturing and the rest of the manufacturing organization, but of little interest to the sales organization. The ability to customize the scorecard for each person is one of the strengths of scorecarding. Don t think of the scorecard think of the set of KPIs and how they can be used to build any number of scorecards.
#if and #endif
values). The Where( ) method can be invoked on nums because all arrays implement IEnumerable<T>, which supports the query extension methods. Technically, the Select( ) method in the preceding example is not necessary because in this simple case, the sequence returned by Where( ) already contains the result. However, you can use more sophisticated selection criteria, just as you did with the query syntax. For example, this query returns the positive values in nums increased by an order of magnitude:
A certain right triangle has sides 5 and 7. Find the angles and the other side.
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Starting at 21 Next value is 23 Next value is 25 Next value is 27 Next value is 29 Next value is 31 Resetting to 0 Next value is 0 Next value is 2 Next value is 4 Next value is 6 Next value is 8
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