5: Monitoring in PerformancePoint Server in Microsoft

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For customers, you may shorten the list by adding a prompt for customers beginning with a certain letter or a cascade for customers residing in a certain city or region. In looking at the sample data in earlier Figure 10-2, for example, you may want to prompt the users to filter the customer ID list according to customers who reside within a particular country. For individual products or SKUs, including a filter on product category or line of business brings the list of values to a more manageable size. In the following example, you will continue to work with the Customer Id object. First, study the dimension data. In looking at earlier Figure 10-2, notice which city and country each customer resides in. Additionally, each country is divided into multiple regions within the country; if your business users had not specifically told you this or if you had not studied the dimensional data, you may have incorrectly assumed that Region referred to World Region (such as North America, Europe, and so on). Ideally, users will tell you which customizations they want, but for them, the choices may not be clear, and the business definitions may not be obvious; it s up to you as the universe designer to give them your best guess for the friendliest, fastest customization.
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1. The superstructure is subjected to greater wear and tear from traf c while the substructure is less affected. As a result, substructures are not replaced as often as superstructures. Hence, the life cycle costs and rehabilitation efforts are greater for the superstructure components. 2. Replacement of superstructure components is more frequent than for the substructure. This is discussed in detail in a later chapter. Replacement can apply to a component or to the entire superstructure: Parapet replacement Deck overlay replacement Deck joint replacement Deck and parapet replacement Deck, parapet, and girder replacement Deck drainage replacement Bearing replacement Entire superstructure replacement. 3. Maintenance applies to: Existing concrete deck repairs Deck protective systems Deck drainage Bearings retro t Concrete structure repairs Steel girders rehabilitation.
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Key Skills & Concepts
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4. Register the propagator at east.citrix.com. The propagator is responsible for propagating the deferred transaction queue to other master sites.
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Cloud Computing at Work
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Notice that ref precedes the entire parameter declaration in the method and that it precedes the argument when the method is called. The output from this program, shown here, confirms that the value of the argument, a, was indeed modified by Sqr( ):
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Price Realization Result Pay 92% 0 100% $18,000 110% $36,000
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As you remove the internal combustion engine parts, it s likely you ll discover additional parts that you hadn t seen or thought of taking out before. Parts snuggled up against the firewall or mounted low on the fenders are sometimes nearly invisible in a crowded and/or dirty engine compartment. Get rid of all unnecessary weight, but do exercise logic and common sense in your weight-reduction quest. Substituting a lighter-weight cosmetic body part is a great idea; drilling holes in a load-bearing structural frame member is not.
5.2.7 Use of in-Built Ductility in Materials
class ShareVar { public: static int num; void setnum(int i) { num = i; }; void shownum() { cout << num << " "; } };
Upscaling DVD
Installation and Commissioning Phase Do network elements function completely Have all network connections been made properly Is network performance per applicable specifications Does performance under load meet requirements Have sufficient benchmarks been taken for future reference Operational Phase Is the network performing at level that meets customer expectations What is the root cause of situations that are below acceptable performance Where is the problem located Have exchange modules repaired the problem Is network performance now per applicable specifications Has the faulty module been repaired properly
Enabling Carrier-Class Ethernet Layer 2 Ethernet switching doesn t scale (for the reasons discussed previously in Drivers for This Solution ) and doesn t offer carrier-class protection switching or per-flow QoS. Providers offering Ethernet services need to be able to offer large numbers of service instances and generally want to offer ServiceLevel Agreements that mirror those offered for other services (such as ATM or Frame Relay). In particular, carriers often want to offer guaranteed sub-second protection against network failures and differentiated SLAs (for example, tiered levels of service with different latency and packet loss metrics). EoMPLS enables providers to offer carrier-class Ethernet services to their customers on a platform that also enables the provider to take advantage of statistical gain to reduce the bandwidth provisioned through their network. Typically, Ethernet links are loaded to less than 20 percent, making statistical gain an essential component of any large Carrier Ethernet deployment.
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